American Dynamics’ Pressurized Outdoor Housing Protects Dome Cameras from Extreme Conditions

Sept. 12, 2005
American Dynamics SpeedDome Ultra Pressurized Outdoor Dome Housing extends shelf life and ensures continuous video coverage

Orlando, Fla. -- Tyco Fire & Security announced the release of its American Dynamics SpeedDome Ultra Pressurized Outdoor Dome Housing to prolong the life of its programmable dome cameras. This new enclosure protects video investments by shielding domes from harsh weather conditions as well as preventing dust and moisture from damaging the valuable equipment. Its automatic over-pressure relief valve keeps outside elements away from the domes, ensuring that they continue to produce the best picture possible. These features protect a customer’s investment by safe-guarding the camera from damage and thus extending the life of the camera.

Ideal for seaports or other applications faced with cold, rainy climates, the weatherproof, temperature-controlled housing ensures proper camera performance in extreme temperatures. Its built-in thermostat prevents ice from forming on the outside bubble, while safeguarding the equipment against excessive heat.

To ensure consistent camera performance under all weather conditions, Tyco Fire & Security simulated the device’s response to each change of seasons in its state-of-the-art testing facility. The company also modified the housing to ensure a tighter seal that would hold pressure longer than traditional camera housings.

“Our American Dynamics SpeedDome Ultra Pressurized Outdoor Dome Housing has proven to protect camera equipment in all kinds of weather,” said Gareth McClean, director of research and development for Tyco Fire & Security’s American Dynamics product range. “Subway stations find it particularly useful to protect cameras from excessive brake dust produced by subway trains. Likewise, Las Vegas casinos find it highly effective for ensuring camera operation in the harsh desert climate. It’s prudent for those using outdoor cameras in any inclement weather to protect their investment with these easy-to-install housings.”