EverBank Stadium protects fans and athletes with under vehicle surveillance system

Dec. 7, 2023
Engineers from the two companies worked with local law enforcement authorities along with officials from the stadium management company, ASM Global, and security firm S.A.F.E. Management.

Woodbridge, N.J., and Chandler, AZ, Dec. 7, 2023 – ISS (Intelligent Security Systems), a leading global provider of video intelligence and data awareness solutions and systems integrator Wireless Guardian, who develops its own patented security technology, announced today the successful deployment of the SecurOS UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) for vehicle screening at EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville, Fla.

Engineers from the two companies worked with local law enforcement authorities along with officials from the stadium management company, ASM Global, and security firm S.A.F.E. Management to deploy UVSS units at the stadium’s loading docks and athlete/performer entries to scan all vehicles entering the facility. C&M Consultants, a Wireless Guardian reseller based in Northern Virginia, coordinated this event between ASM Global, Wireless Guardian, and ISS.

During this week’s Monday Night Football game, approximately 100 vehicle undercarriages – ranging from large delivery trucks and commercial vehicles to police and civilian cars and even golf carts – were scanned by the AI-powered system to detect a wide variety of threats. In conjunction with the UVSS, ISS’ SecurOS Auto LPR/ANPR software was also used to create a complete profile for each vehicle, including their class, color, make, and model.

“ISS has a long history of providing solutions that secure large events – from the Rio Olympics to the recent FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Now, we are bringing these lessons learned to North America by partnering with Wireless Guardian to help stadiums and other venues take advantage of the benefits of our patented UVSS solution,” said Matt Powell, Managing Director for North America at ISS. “Our teams worked together flawlessly to deliver the results that ASM Global and EverBank Stadium needed on an important night, and I look forward to continuing this success with Wireless Guardian, combining solutions to provide full awareness at events and venues around the U.S.”

How It Works The SecurOS UVSS from ISS is a compact solution specially designed to screen the undercarriage of vehicles for explosives, illegal contraband, damages/anomalies, and other prohibited items. In addition to providing high-quality undercarriage scans, the UVSS can also be integrated with license plate recognition (LPR) and access control systems to provide a comprehensive solution for vehicle ingress and egress in a wide variety of operating environments. The system, which does not require heavy construction to deploy, also features our patented de-warping technology to provide unmatched correction of distortions and composite image stitching.

The UVSS has been trusted by government and law enforcement agencies as well as private sector organizations worldwide to protect several high-profile facilities and events. Late last year, for example, the UVSS was deployed to protect stadiums and other venues throughout Qatar that hosted matches and events for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Specifically, 40 UVSS units were installed at vehicle checkpoints for the eight World Cup stadiums in and around Doha, along with three logistics areas and a fan zone, to safeguard visitors and make the screening process safer, faster, and more efficient.

To learn more about the UVSS, visit our website. For more information about Wireless Guardian or to schedule a demo of the UVSS system, click here or contact them directly at [email protected].