The Potential of Artificial Intelligence with Video

Oct. 11, 2018
Recent tech advancements open the door to a number of new opportunities

Artificial Intelligence is an all-encompassing category covering various things, including a wide range of neural networks with different capabilities. These are segmented by how they approach a particular, unstructured data set or problem, either with a process, algorithm or machine learning approach. Due to the previous limitations of hardware processing power, machine learning could only deploy shallow learning of very large data sets. With recent advances in processing power of graphical processing units (GPUs), we now can utilize a deep learning approach to look at data in many more levels or dimensions – hence the word “deep”.

Keven Marier, Director of Technology Business Development at Milestone Systems, discusses how these recent advancements in AI stand poised to revolutionize the video surveillance in this SMARTpaper from the company.