Incident Response for ICS: You Are Not Alone! Critical Controls for Consequence-Driven Incident Response

April 11, 2023
Join Dragos' Jan Hoff, principal industrial incident responder, and Tim Ennis, senior industrial incident responder, April 11 to discuss what Incident Response for ICS/OT is about learn how to take a proactive approach.

Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM CT / 11:00 AM PT / 7:00 PM GMT
Duration: 1 Hour
Sponsor: Dragos

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Keeping the operational technology (OT) environments of industrial control systems (ICS) secure from cyberattacks can be a stressful and complex experience. And as digital transformation accelerates, ICS/OT cybersecurity threats and attacks are rarely a matter of “if” and increasingly a matter of “when.” As a result, proactive preparation for cybersecurity incidents is top of mind from the board room to the manufacturing floor as a business risk that must be considered.

Join Jan Hoff, Principal Industrial Incident Responder, and Tim Ennis, Senior Industrial Incident Responder for an informative discussion on what exactly Incident Response for ICS/OT is all about, and proven strategies for how to take a proactive approach to protecting industrial infrastructure. And most importantly, you’re not alone!

Join us as we dive into details on the following topics:

  • The risk profile for ICS/OT environments - what's really at stake?
  • Why an ICS Incident Response Plan is a must-have for OT environments, and how it differs from IT.
  • 5 Critical Controls for OT cybersecurity, and their significance for consequence-driven Incident Response.


Jan Hoff
Principal Industrial Incident Responder

Jan Hoff is a Principal Industrial Incident Responder at the industrial cybersecurity company Dragos, Inc. where they focus on using digital forensics to do incident response and help build new capabilities for detecting attacks.

Prior to joining Dragos, Jan has been protecting critical infrastructures for more than a decade on the defensive and offensive track. He started his career as a consultant and sysadmin for control centers and worked at KPMG as a consultant in national and international projects for German government and private companies. He moved on to work at two of Europe's major energy companies (RWE and E.ON) defending networks in IT and OT as well as improving the information security organization. Finally, Jan built the Red/Purple Team for IT and OT at E.ON. Additionally, Jan gives lectures on forensics, incident response and offensive security at a University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Tim Ennis
Senior Industrial Incident Responder

Tim Ennis is a Senior Industrial Incident Responder at the industrial cybersecurity company Dragos, Inc. where he actively defends assets in ICS/SCADA environments. Prior to joining the Dragos team, Tim was an OT Security Consultant performing professional services such as maturity capability assessments, advisory services and asset discovery and IDS solution design and deployment. Prior to consulting, Tim has spent the majority of his career as an asset owner/operator in the civil nuclear industry, specializing in I&C systems and safety instrumented systems (SIS) before becoming increasingly responsible for security of the I&C (ICS) systems.

Moderator: Steve Lasky
Editorial Director

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