School & Campus Security Webinar Series 1: Emergency Preparedness: School Safety is a Cross-Functional Responsibility (Hosted by PASS & SIA)

Oct. 10, 2023



Date: October 10, 2023
Time: 1:00 PM EDT / 12:00 PM CDT / 10:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM GMT
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Duration: 1 Hour

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Emergency Preparedness: School Safety is a Cross-Functional Responsibility (Hosted by PASS & SIA)


In developing district security plans, K-12 school leaders stress that school safety is a cross-functional responsibility and every individual’s participation drives the success of overall safety protocols. As these cross-functional teams collaborate to develop safety plans, K-12 leaders have identified several common characteristics for district safety plans.

 with the whole community can help prevent threats by fostering a safe and secure environment and identifying threats with hotlines, tiplines, and social media monitoring. From a preventative standpoint, K-12 leaders seek to create trust and empathy with students and try to track their progress with ongoing annual climate surveys.

From a detection standpoint, K-12 leaders cite tiplines as safe, easy-to-use mechanisms to surface potential threats to law enforcement. Districts may monitor social media activity on students’ one-to-one devices through third-party threat assessment providers. While privacy concerns exist, K-12 leaders hope to spot potential issues early for intervention.

K-12 leaders deliver safety training to faculty and staff in a variety of different ways, and flag that, while districts may spend millions of dollars on expensive security devices, training is still the most important aspect of a district’s safety plan. To encouragebuy-in from every staff member, districts focus their training on explaining the reasoning and rationale behind safety protocols and offering opportunities across the school year to promote safety awareness.

Discussion Points:

  • School safety is a cross-functional responsibility
  • Training is the most critical element to safety plans
  • Adaptive protocols drive dynamic responsiveness
  • Focus on both threat prevention and detection
  • New and different deterrent and defense approaches to active shooter

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