SIA Update

Public/private partnerships help police and communities do more with less

Editor’s note: Take a first-hand tour of Baltimore’s video surveillance infrastructure, including the command center, at Secured Cities on Nov. 10-11. Visit for details.

While SIA is proud to sponsor this prestigious and influential award, we realized that more was needed to help police departments as limited municipal budgets affected their ability to access training resources. In 2009, SIA began offering the public sector Shanahan Award winner an additional bonus, the opportunity send one of their officers for Level 1 Forensic Video Analysis training offered by the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA). This training details how to approach video to ensure that it is accepted in a court of law. This is the first step in becoming certified as a Forensic Video Analyst by LEVA. SIA sponsors the winner with travel, room and board expenses, course material and the one week class itself.

Police departments nationwide are increasingly taking advantage of community partnerships to leverage their existing resources and make their communities safer. Public/private partnerships help the community help itself become a more secure place. And as an organization, SIA tries to help as often and in any way that we can to promote, educate and recognize the efforts of these partnerships so that they may become a model for other communities.

Karyn Hodgson is communications manager for SIA.