The Drawbacks of Commoditizing Security

Organizations should be fielding competent, properly trained and equipped personnel who are adequately prepared to handle critical scenarios

This is not healthy for an industry that relies on innovation and continuous evaluation to assess the ever-changing risks that threaten today's businesses, one that also requires ongoing development of techniques and training to sufficiently prepare security officers for their role in protecting these organizations.

Putting security vendors in the position of playing the "how low can you go" game only serves to drag down the industry when the level of expertise, professionalism and quality of service needed by today's businesses is at an all-time high.

Anton Bommersbach is Vice President of Midwest Operations for Andrews International. With a successful 23-year career in corporate security, his background includes extensive knowledge of physical security design and standards, supply chain security controls and crisis management planning. Among his previous positions, Bommersbach was the Global Director of Corporate Security at the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, and the Regional Security Manager for 3Com Corporation, managing security operations within North and South America.