Joining a program

Dealers are speaking out on what they want, what’s available and what they predict of dealer programs

There are many shapes and sizes when it comes to Authorized Dealer Programs available today. There are dealers who do more contract monitoring, those who do a lot of service and look for that Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR). There are also the ones that offer more of a premium product line with added benefits to the dealer. This month, we’re giving you a glimpse of some of the dealer programs available today and what they have to offer. We also spoke to the sources themselves; see what dealers had to say to the following questions we asked: What dealer program are you with and why did you choose to go with it? What key benefits are you getting from this dealer program? How do you see dealer programs changing for the future?

“Monitronics has a proven track record of putting their dealers first. Rather than spending their resources to compete against their dealers, they use those same resources to give dealers the support they need to be successful in all aspects of their business. Monitronics offers dealers other benefits, from a very strong multiple schedule, to accurate and fast funding and allows us to minimize attrition. Dealers are going for quality accounts, not just for quantity. Those companies that only go for quantity close their doors year after year. The companies that will succeed are those with slow, steady, managed growth.” —Danielle Paletz, president of American Alarm Partners of Florida Inc. (Monitronics dealer)

“Ultimately, it boils down to support. We were getting the ball rolling on the Security Division of our organization and we needed a company that really stood behind their products and stood behind us. Supercircuits treated us as though we were their largest customer. They made sure we were priced competitively, helped us on-site, fully trained our team and took the extra steps to assure we were successful. The products are priced very well and the support is tremendous. Yet, the biggest factor may be that they help us grow our business. They market to end-users, not to dealers and while that led to a bit of trepidation at first, we quickly realized that it was much more advantageous for us than many other companies out there. These guys actually talk to the folks in the channel we are interested in talking to, and they help us generate new opportunities. I think dealer programs need to focus on what is important – that is support and helping us grow as we help you grow. There are a lot of programs out there but mainly it is just a thin wrapper around a goal to move as much product through as many people as possible. You really just become another number in the whole process.” —Daniel Simons: president of Innovative Communication Systems, San Antonio, Texas (Supercircuits dealer)

“We became dealers of Smith & Wesson Security Services less than a year ago. We were drawn to the brand, the reputation and the people. The folks who are running the program were really upfront about what the program was and what it wasn’t. The opportunity for us was to start something very unique that could be successful in the long run with a lot of hard work. I foresee that funding options for dealerships will change a lot. Many of the companies buying contracts from dealers have been badly hurt in this economic downturn and dealers will have to bear more of the financial burden of obtaining customers, paying for equipment and installation. Door-knocking crews have received increasing scrutiny and regulation and will see reductions opening the door for new and innovative marketing methods.”—Rusty Openshaw, president, Smith & Wesson Security Services of Texas (Smith & Wesson dealer)

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