New Products: October

More Surveillance in Less Space/> Two new High Density, feature-rich, full cross-point video matrix switcher/controllers are available from Pelco. The architecture of the new System 9770 and System 9780 is specifically designed to accommodate higher camera-monitor density, enabling users to implement large matrix-controlled video surveillance systems that require less space to install and operate.

It means a user can view and control up to 4,096 cameras and 512 monitors, all from a single node. The base hardware configuration for the system is comprised of a central processing unit (CC1), matrix switching bay(s) (MXBs) with video input/output modules, and keyboard controllers (KBDs).

In addition to advances in system architecture, firmware updates can be done via flash technology by connecting a PC laptop to the serial port of the matrix bay. This increases system serviceability and minimizes the time required to update the system. The system will automatically configure overall system firmware, ensuring compatibility and functionally. The user can also change system boards, add new ones, and replace and/or troubleshoot installed boards without having to take the system down. For more information, visit

Observe Digitally
The Eazeo Observation System from Bosch allows up to eight cameras to be installed to cover the required locations. Images from the connected cameras are displayed on the system monitor, which can be placed in any convenient location. Views from the desired camera can be selected instantly, or different camera views can be displayed by auto- sequencing with pre-set dwell times. Eazeo cameras can also respond to the system's built-in video motion detection with automatic camera activation and selection if any movement is detected in a defined zone on the image. Eazeo responds to external alarm signals from PIR motion detectors or other kinds of sensors.

The Eazeo system is supplied complete with one or more cameras, monitor, cables and hardware. A wide range of accessories are available to add the functions required for specific situations and applications. An action box is available, which allows external units such as doors to be actuated remotely from the monitor position. A slave monitor is also available for viewing camera images at an additional location. For more information, visit

Selectable Outlet Strobes and Horn/Strobes
The System Sensor SpectrAlert series now offers selectable output wall-mount horns, strobes and horns/strobes. All strobe and horn/strobe models incorporate a new patent- pending voltage booster design that has a more consistent flash bulb voltage over the range of candela selections. Similar to the fixed-candela SpectrAlert product, the selectable output line features installation-friendly options, such as 2- and 4-wire operation; ability to standardize size back boxes with no encroachment into the box; and, universal mounting integrating the labor-saving QuickClick feature that eliminates mounting screws.

The selectable output strobes and horn/strobes can operate on either 12 V or 24 V with no setting required-the device recognizes and self-adjusts automatically. Temporal 3 or Continuous tone options continue to be available in either an electromechanical or 3 kHz pattern. For more information, visit

Photoelectric Smoke Detector Line
A new line of photoelectric smoke detectors, the i3 series, is available from System Sensor. Designed with three principles in mind-installation ease, intelligent features, and instant inspection-the i3 series consists of both 2-wire and 4-wire photoelectric detectors available with or without a fixed 135?F thermal sensor. The detectors feature a plug-in design that permits pre-wiring, a maintenance protocol that visually signals when a detector requires cleaning, drift compensation, and both green and red LED status indicators.

Also part of the i3 line is a 2-wire loop test/maintenance module, infrared sensitivity reader, removal tool and retrofit adapter bracket. The loop test/maintenance module provides a visual indication when a 2-wire i3 detector needs cleaning, and allows any listed panel to communicate with 2-wire i3 detectors. The sensitivity reader provides specific sensitivity readings without the need for a physical connection to the detector or a voltmeter. For more information, visit

Earning a Continuous Duty Rating
The Mortise Glass Lock from Securitron Antilock Corporation is now rated for continuous duty in addition to its original intermittent duty function. With the continuous duty capability, the MGL is able to be electrically unlocked for extended periods of time. The MGL now works with any of Securitron's timers, including the DT-7, which allows users to program locked and unlocked times.

It offers electric locking for narrow stile aluminum frame glass doors and the ease of installation in an MS Deadbolt prep. These features are combined with a fail secure lock and decorative handle for free egress from the inside, but the lock also can be operated by an optional mortise key. A REX (Request to Exit) switch and form "C" latch status monitor are included to signal the access control or alarm system that someone is exiting.

In addition to being compatible with Securitron's full line of access control timers, the MGL works in conjunction with keypads, card readers or pushbuttons. For more information, visit

Outdoor Sensor with Camera
New from Protection Technologies, Inc. (Pro-Tech) is the PIRAMID XL2VWC Outdoor Dual Technology sensor. It includes an internally mounted color camera with heater and offers a 60-degree field of view. It's powered from a 24VAC plug-in transformer and uses PROTECH's Technology for false alarm rejection capability. For more information, visit

A Fire System Manager for Graphics-Based Facilities Monitoring
Silent Knight introduces the IFP-Net Fire System Manager, a PC-based system which works with Silent Knight's intelligent analog/addressable fire control panels, the IFP- 1000 and the IFP-1000VIP (Voice Integration Panel). The IFP-Net interface allows users to graphically capture and display events and conditions throughout a facility.

It is equipped with a prominent key map so users can auto-navigate and locate the device related to an alarm or event based on the priority of the event. Floor plans can be viewed in different degrees of detail by using a built-in zoom feature. Pull-down menus and proximity displays are available for device-specific information and functions. A built-in history manager records operator, event and response with a time and date stamp for efficient record keeping. Graphics printing for floor plans, reports and device listings is available (compatible graphics printer required).

The IFP-Net supports up to 16 nodes. It can be used to identify hazardous materials (HAZMAT) and areas, as well as handicap special needs using information labels with fully linked multimedia. All components of the IFP-Net can be easily backed up and stored in a history database. For more information, visit

Get The Connection

Sniffing Out the Liquids
G.R.I. releases the 2826FS Fail Safe Liquid Level Detector. It is designed as a small electronic sensor, to be used in conjunction with wireless transmitters, capable of detecting non-volatile liquids in remote, hard to reach locations.

This new Fail Safe version provides remote probes and an internally powered micro-processor controlled device with an on board battery. When the battery expends the last of its power, the 2826FS automatically places itself in a safe mode to prevent danger to devices, property or people. This safe mode keeps the zone assigned to the 2826FS in an alarm condition, which then causes an authorized person or alarm technician to physically inspect the 2826FS and replace the battery, prior to resetting and re-arming the system. For more information, visit

Camera Pre-Packs
American Dynamics' LookOut Camera Pre-Packs combine two options in a single housing, which can be either surface or flush-mounted (the latter requiring only three screws). Fixed color camera options include a Night Saver-equipped model that automatically switches from color to monochrome for capturing images in extremely low light. A lens, mount, two bubble liners (one black and one white), and a choice of covert or low light performance-enhancing bubble also ship with the camera and housing.

Control Keyboard
American Dynamics' new MegaPower ControlCenter 1100 keyboard combines a full feature set with improved comfort and ease of use. Removable feet let users adjust the keyboard to three different angles. An LCD screen delivers high visibility with large, easy-to-read text. This keyboard operates MegaPower matrix switcher/controller systems as well as DVRs and VCRs, and can configure multiple satellite MegaPower 1024 matrix systems to function as one system with the new QuickSite feature. Sixty-four macro keys provide up to 1000 macros while smart card technology can transfer programming from one keyboard to another and provides three levels of security.

Plasma Monitors
The 42", 46" and 50" Plasma Monitors from American Dynamics display multiple cameras simultaneously in brilliant color. Bright screens, high resolution, an 800:1 contrast ratio and Digital Video Interface (DVI) inputs combine to render ultra-sharp images from Intellex digital video management systems or other advanced DVRs. Adjustable image shift eliminates screen burn-in. These shallow profile plasma monitors are less than 4 inches deep and include a base as well as optional wall mounts.

Taking Control of Your Home
HAI releases its Home Control for Windows Media Center (WMC) allows control of all HAI Omni controller features from the comfort of an easy chair using a single media center remote. It provides an affordable and complete home control system including security, lighting and temperature control, access to all media, family photos, music, video, email, and Internet access from a single handheld remote. The product installs into any Microsoft Windows Media Center system device and comes with a settings wizard to ensure proper connection and operation. For more information, visit

Long Range Zoom Lenses
Fujinon introduces the C22x23 one-inch format zoom and D60x12.5 1/2-inch super telephoto lens. They feature Iris Override and Day/Night capability within an extended focal length lens. The C22x23 reaches a focal length of 500mm with a range from 23mm to 506mm. The 1/2-inch format D60x12.5 super telephoto lens has a focal length range of 12.5mm to 1,500mm. An Iris Override function, included on both lenses, allows operators to manually control iris adjustments. For more information, visit

Welcome To the Family
Axis Communications introduces the AXIS 206 Network Camera, an enhanced version of the AXIS 205. It provides improved light sensitivity and operation in eight different languages. It's shipped with the AXIS Camera Explorer software for easy viewing and recording. A built-in Web server, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support and the free AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service enable the network camera to be easily connected to an IP network or the Internet. For more information, visit

When You Want All the Details
FOR-A Corporation of America unveils a high-resolution camera that can display very small detail when used in critical surveillance/observation networks. High- resolution imaging (six million valid pixels), an internal digital recorder and network interface are all packaged into the IHC-600's compact camera head. For more information, visit www.for-

Emergency Voice Evacuation Panel
The Audio Command Center Zone Splitter System (ACC-25/50ZS) from Fire-Lite Alarms is a state-of-the-art Emergency Voice Evacuation Panel (EVAC) capable of splitting up to 50 watts of audio power to eight zones. This communications system features several field-programming options, including allowing the user to record five field-programmable messages (up to 60 second total message duration) with an integral commercial grade microphone or from an external audio source.

Other enhancements include full supervision of active alarm and standby conditions as well as amplifier outputs, field wiring, message generation, all tone generators, and a microphone. The ACC 25/50ZS can also support background music. It can activate via reverse polarity or contact closure, making it compatible as a standalone or as an addition to most UL listed addressable or conventional fire alarm control panels. The ACC 25/50ZS can charge up to 18 amp hour batteries, which can be housed in the panel's cabinet. For more information, visit

50 and Fabulous
The affordable Fiber Fence 50 Kit from Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc. (FIS) is easy to install on existing chain-link fencing. The Fiber Fence 50 monitors up to 1,000 feet of fence line which is approximately the perimeter of a football field. No power is required along the fence line.

The patented Fiber Fence system uses fiber optic sensing cable and tripping devices, called Mouse Trips, to detect intrusion attempts anywhere along a perimeter. The system's Control Unit provides an instant alert when an intruder disturbs the cable or the fence to which it is attached. For more information, visit

Connected at the Wrist
Amtel introduces an Asset Tracking System, which utilizes a wristband RFID tag capable of monitoring elderly patients in an assisted living facility, children in an amusement park or even tourist groups on a bus tour. The System uses RFID controllers which are installed at strategic doors and passageways to record all the in and out movements and display them in a graphic form on a computer to security personnel.

Asset Monitoring System relies on RFID readers, which are situated surrounding an area, like a park, and can monitor the tags within range inside the area. Should any of the tagged individuals leave the area, the system will trigger an alarm.

A "Dual Parameter Check" system is also available which matches two tags (one on the individual, and the other on the asset) and triggers an alarm if no match is found. e.g., the system could determine if the combination of "Patient + Wheelchair" or Child + Mother" match before opening a door. The system is also designed to integrate with CCTV cameras. For more information, visit

Computer Systems Launch
Cypress Computer Systems Inc. unveils DUPREX and the MultiBender, part of the Databender family. DUPREX is designed to provide immediate feedback from on-board diagnostics once installed and is ideal for multi-location organization. It features alarm output from the central unit, immediately indicating power or communication loss with the reader at the remote unit.

DUPREX, a solution used for extending the distance between any two access control readers and controller, can span up to 10,000 feet using any two conductor media, eliminating the need for additional expensive controllers and wires.

MultiBender, capable of incorporating over 100 common reader interface formats in its on-board memory, make it ideal for applications where existing cards and readers need to be compatible with new controllers. It offers pluggable connectors for easy installation and replacement and is also equipped with field configurable Interface and formats, low power consumption, low profile snap-in mounting, and future expansion for up to 255 formats. The MultiBender also comes with a built-in Pullup resistor option. For more information, visit

Video Surveillance System
The AVIN-300, from AVINStream, is capable of providing high quality video and two way voice communication from monitor to alarm site through a connection made only when an incident alarm is triggered. AVIN-300 can operate with any incident alarm, including a standard burglar alarm, fire alarm, face recognition software, fingerprint sensor, radiation and gas sensors. For more information, visit