New Products: October

More Surveillance in Less Space Two new High Density, feature-rich, full cross-point video matrix switcher/controllers are available from Pelco. The architecture of the new System 9770 and System 9780 is specifically designed to accommodate...

More Surveillance in Less Space/> Two new High Density, feature-rich, full cross-point video matrix switcher/controllers are available from Pelco. The architecture of the new System 9770 and System 9780 is specifically designed to accommodate higher camera-monitor density, enabling users to implement large matrix-controlled video surveillance systems that require less space to install and operate.

It means a user can view and control up to 4,096 cameras and 512 monitors, all from a single node. The base hardware configuration for the system is comprised of a central processing unit (CC1), matrix switching bay(s) (MXBs) with video input/output modules, and keyboard controllers (KBDs).

In addition to advances in system architecture, firmware updates can be done via flash technology by connecting a PC laptop to the serial port of the matrix bay. This increases system serviceability and minimizes the time required to update the system. The system will automatically configure overall system firmware, ensuring compatibility and functionally. The user can also change system boards, add new ones, and replace and/or troubleshoot installed boards without having to take the system down. For more information, visit

Observe Digitally
The Eazeo Observation System from Bosch allows up to eight cameras to be installed to cover the required locations. Images from the connected cameras are displayed on the system monitor, which can be placed in any convenient location. Views from the desired camera can be selected instantly, or different camera views can be displayed by auto- sequencing with pre-set dwell times. Eazeo cameras can also respond to the system's built-in video motion detection with automatic camera activation and selection if any movement is detected in a defined zone on the image. Eazeo responds to external alarm signals from PIR motion detectors or other kinds of sensors.

The Eazeo system is supplied complete with one or more cameras, monitor, cables and hardware. A wide range of accessories are available to add the functions required for specific situations and applications. An action box is available, which allows external units such as doors to be actuated remotely from the monitor position. A slave monitor is also available for viewing camera images at an additional location. For more information, visit

Selectable Outlet Strobes and Horn/Strobes
The System Sensor SpectrAlert series now offers selectable output wall-mount horns, strobes and horns/strobes. All strobe and horn/strobe models incorporate a new patent- pending voltage booster design that has a more consistent flash bulb voltage over the range of candela selections. Similar to the fixed-candela SpectrAlert product, the selectable output line features installation-friendly options, such as 2- and 4-wire operation; ability to standardize size back boxes with no encroachment into the box; and, universal mounting integrating the labor-saving QuickClick feature that eliminates mounting screws.

The selectable output strobes and horn/strobes can operate on either 12 V or 24 V with no setting required-the device recognizes and self-adjusts automatically. Temporal 3 or Continuous tone options continue to be available in either an electromechanical or 3 kHz pattern. For more information, visit

Photoelectric Smoke Detector Line
A new line of photoelectric smoke detectors, the i3 series, is available from System Sensor. Designed with three principles in mind-installation ease, intelligent features, and instant inspection-the i3 series consists of both 2-wire and 4-wire photoelectric detectors available with or without a fixed 135?F thermal sensor. The detectors feature a plug-in design that permits pre-wiring, a maintenance protocol that visually signals when a detector requires cleaning, drift compensation, and both green and red LED status indicators.

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