New Products: October

More Surveillance in Less Space Two new High Density, feature-rich, full cross-point video matrix switcher/controllers are available from Pelco. The architecture of the new System 9770 and System 9780 is specifically designed to accommodate...

Also part of the i3 line is a 2-wire loop test/maintenance module, infrared sensitivity reader, removal tool and retrofit adapter bracket. The loop test/maintenance module provides a visual indication when a 2-wire i3 detector needs cleaning, and allows any listed panel to communicate with 2-wire i3 detectors. The sensitivity reader provides specific sensitivity readings without the need for a physical connection to the detector or a voltmeter. For more information, visit

Earning a Continuous Duty Rating
The Mortise Glass Lock from Securitron Antilock Corporation is now rated for continuous duty in addition to its original intermittent duty function. With the continuous duty capability, the MGL is able to be electrically unlocked for extended periods of time. The MGL now works with any of Securitron's timers, including the DT-7, which allows users to program locked and unlocked times.

It offers electric locking for narrow stile aluminum frame glass doors and the ease of installation in an MS Deadbolt prep. These features are combined with a fail secure lock and decorative handle for free egress from the inside, but the lock also can be operated by an optional mortise key. A REX (Request to Exit) switch and form "C" latch status monitor are included to signal the access control or alarm system that someone is exiting.

In addition to being compatible with Securitron's full line of access control timers, the MGL works in conjunction with keypads, card readers or pushbuttons. For more information, visit

Outdoor Sensor with Camera
New from Protection Technologies, Inc. (Pro-Tech) is the PIRAMID XL2VWC Outdoor Dual Technology sensor. It includes an internally mounted color camera with heater and offers a 60-degree field of view. It's powered from a 24VAC plug-in transformer and uses PROTECH's Technology for false alarm rejection capability. For more information, visit

A Fire System Manager for Graphics-Based Facilities Monitoring
Silent Knight introduces the IFP-Net Fire System Manager, a PC-based system which works with Silent Knight's intelligent analog/addressable fire control panels, the IFP- 1000 and the IFP-1000VIP (Voice Integration Panel). The IFP-Net interface allows users to graphically capture and display events and conditions throughout a facility.

It is equipped with a prominent key map so users can auto-navigate and locate the device related to an alarm or event based on the priority of the event. Floor plans can be viewed in different degrees of detail by using a built-in zoom feature. Pull-down menus and proximity displays are available for device-specific information and functions. A built-in history manager records operator, event and response with a time and date stamp for efficient record keeping. Graphics printing for floor plans, reports and device listings is available (compatible graphics printer required).

The IFP-Net supports up to 16 nodes. It can be used to identify hazardous materials (HAZMAT) and areas, as well as handicap special needs using information labels with fully linked multimedia. All components of the IFP-Net can be easily backed up and stored in a history database. For more information, visit

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Sniffing Out the Liquids
G.R.I. releases the 2826FS Fail Safe Liquid Level Detector. It is designed as a small electronic sensor, to be used in conjunction with wireless transmitters, capable of detecting non-volatile liquids in remote, hard to reach locations.

This new Fail Safe version provides remote probes and an internally powered micro-processor controlled device with an on board battery. When the battery expends the last of its power, the 2826FS automatically places itself in a safe mode to prevent danger to devices, property or people. This safe mode keeps the zone assigned to the 2826FS in an alarm condition, which then causes an authorized person or alarm technician to physically inspect the 2826FS and replace the battery, prior to resetting and re-arming the system. For more information, visit