New Products: October

More Surveillance in Less Space Two new High Density, feature-rich, full cross-point video matrix switcher/controllers are available from Pelco. The architecture of the new System 9770 and System 9780 is specifically designed to accommodate...

Other enhancements include full supervision of active alarm and standby conditions as well as amplifier outputs, field wiring, message generation, all tone generators, and a microphone. The ACC 25/50ZS can also support background music. It can activate via reverse polarity or contact closure, making it compatible as a standalone or as an addition to most UL listed addressable or conventional fire alarm control panels. The ACC 25/50ZS can charge up to 18 amp hour batteries, which can be housed in the panel's cabinet. For more information, visit

50 and Fabulous
The affordable Fiber Fence 50 Kit from Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc. (FIS) is easy to install on existing chain-link fencing. The Fiber Fence 50 monitors up to 1,000 feet of fence line which is approximately the perimeter of a football field. No power is required along the fence line.

The patented Fiber Fence system uses fiber optic sensing cable and tripping devices, called Mouse Trips, to detect intrusion attempts anywhere along a perimeter. The system's Control Unit provides an instant alert when an intruder disturbs the cable or the fence to which it is attached. For more information, visit

Connected at the Wrist
Amtel introduces an Asset Tracking System, which utilizes a wristband RFID tag capable of monitoring elderly patients in an assisted living facility, children in an amusement park or even tourist groups on a bus tour. The System uses RFID controllers which are installed at strategic doors and passageways to record all the in and out movements and display them in a graphic form on a computer to security personnel.

Asset Monitoring System relies on RFID readers, which are situated surrounding an area, like a park, and can monitor the tags within range inside the area. Should any of the tagged individuals leave the area, the system will trigger an alarm.

A "Dual Parameter Check" system is also available which matches two tags (one on the individual, and the other on the asset) and triggers an alarm if no match is found. e.g., the system could determine if the combination of "Patient + Wheelchair" or Child + Mother" match before opening a door. The system is also designed to integrate with CCTV cameras. For more information, visit

Computer Systems Launch
Cypress Computer Systems Inc. unveils DUPREX and the MultiBender, part of the Databender family. DUPREX is designed to provide immediate feedback from on-board diagnostics once installed and is ideal for multi-location organization. It features alarm output from the central unit, immediately indicating power or communication loss with the reader at the remote unit.

DUPREX, a solution used for extending the distance between any two access control readers and controller, can span up to 10,000 feet using any two conductor media, eliminating the need for additional expensive controllers and wires.

MultiBender, capable of incorporating over 100 common reader interface formats in its on-board memory, make it ideal for applications where existing cards and readers need to be compatible with new controllers. It offers pluggable connectors for easy installation and replacement and is also equipped with field configurable Interface and formats, low power consumption, low profile snap-in mounting, and future expansion for up to 255 formats. The MultiBender also comes with a built-in Pullup resistor option. For more information, visit

Video Surveillance System
The AVIN-300, from AVINStream, is capable of providing high quality video and two way voice communication from monitor to alarm site through a connection made only when an incident alarm is triggered. AVIN-300 can operate with any incident alarm, including a standard burglar alarm, fire alarm, face recognition software, fingerprint sensor, radiation and gas sensors. For more information, visit