videoNEXT Expands Product Line with Access Control Solution

LAS VEGAS and CHANTILLY, Va., April 2, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- ISC West 2008, Booth #20138 -- videoNEXT, a developer of innovative security management solutions, today announced that it is expanding its product offerings with its new access control solution, v-AC(TM). This new addition to the videoNEXT family of IP video and physical security information management products provides a framework for the integration of both legacy and new IP-enabled access control systems with the company's Security Knowledge Manager(TM) (SKM(TM)) command and control center.

"In the past, the access control system served as the nervous system for large, enterprise security systems," explained David Marra , chief technology officer at videoNEXT. "Now that video is becoming more and more prevalent, customers are finding it makes more sense for the video system to be the core application for a single, integrated solution. With security systems growing in complexity, users are requiring solutions where video and access control alarms can be viewed on a single display. SKM and v-AC provide that integrated management capability and a real-time link between access control alarms and video cameras."

v-AC provides a single command and control application to monitor video and associated access control alarms in real-time by visually interrogating access control alarms and automatically seeing the video from the access points in question. It integrates with many legacy systems, including the market leaders SoftwareHouse and Lenel, and offers door control functionality within the SKM command and control display.

The videoNEXT v-AC solution also provides forensic search capabilities for visual card holder interrogation. If an employee unknowingly lost their access control card, for example, and there had been a string of thefts at the facility, the security team could use the v-AC solution to access the video that is correlated to the lost card and see who is using the card during the time period when the theft occurred. This feature of v-AC is a frequently requested functionality by SKM users in all types of industries.

videoNEXT's SKM is an open, standards-based software solution that works with almost any IP, digital or analog camera, runs on any Intel or compatible server and uses an organization's existing security and data infrastructure in new and powerful ways. It provides the easiest and most scalable IP surveillance and security solution available today. Combining this with full policy-level administration and a flexible high availability Storage Volume Manager -- organizations now have a highly capable, powerful, scalable and easy-to-use surveillance and security tool.

About videoNEXT

videoNEXT is a developer of enterprise-class software for commercial, government and military facilities. The company's flagship software platform, Security Knowledge Manager(TM) (SKM(TM)), leverages a classical IT approach to video and sensor content management for capturing, organizing, storing and displaying video and sensor data. videoNEXT enhances enterprise-level security management and control using brand-independent hardware and networks. Founded in 2002, the company is headquartered in Chantilly, Va. and is a member of the Open Security Exchange (OSE). For more information on videoNEXT, visit or call 703-657-1200.