Upset Customers? Not in Our Industry, Right?

How to turn your angry alarm or monitoring customers into your greatest allies

5: Tell the customer you will take personal responsibility to work with others on a solution, and follow through with it to completion. Then follow up with your customer once the situation is resolved. Be willing to "not know" all the answers. Admitting that you don't know, but that you will find the answer, can be a sign of strength which garners trust from your customer.

6: Come to a mutual agreement on the steps necessary to reach a solution. By always being as inclusive as possible, the customer feels that he has been taken seriously and has had an active part in resolving the situation. Remember to UNDER PROMISE and OVER DELIVER. This will exceed his expectations and make you and your company a hero in your customer's eyes.

Customer problems can be turned into a good thing! Always remember that if there is never any contact with your employees; the customers may begin to feel that all alarm companies are exactly the same - and so why not go with any competitor? When you resolve issues really well and nurture the relationship, you add value to the service you deliver, increase customer loyalty, and shine bright in the eyes of your subscribers.

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