The Security Week That Was: A Recap - April 7-13, 2007

SIW Editor Geoff Kohl gives a weekly surveillance of news shaping your profession

TWIC, the Transportation Worker Identification Credential project that would give a security clearance ID card for workers in our nation's ports, is moving at the speed of molasses, and the Democrats in the Senate aren't happy. They've targeted attacks at the President's office, but it's pretty clear this is just being used for political gain, rather than to drive the technology requirements and specs that are needed to actually get this project moving. As one prominent card access company told me at last year's ASIS show in San Diego when asked if they could provide a clear update on what was happening with TWIC: "I wish we could, but the project seems to have lost momentum."

In the world of vendors, it was a notable week as Honeywell/ADI acquired Burtek from Richardson, expanding their (already large) footprint in security products distributing. OnSSI joined Panasonic's Solution Developer Network. Chamberlain bought the Edko gate operator business, and Mango DSP announced that it has been working with ObjectVideo and TI's DaVinci chip technology to release a reference design for camera manufacturers.

What's New with SIW
Newly launched video network, plus an upcoming webinar

Just before ISC West, we finished building our Video Network, where you can watch videos of product demos, video analytics, and a lot more. Stay tuned; we have a number of new videos to appear here in the next couple weeks, including actual incident footage of security breaches. We're building this to be something like a YouTube for the security industry, and you're more than welcome to contact me directly regarding videos you'd like us to consider for broadcast.

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We're also hosting a webinar, "Converging Smart Card Programs: How PricewaterhouseCoopers and the RWE Group did it," on May 10th at 1 p.m. EST. We're going to have 3 very neat presentations, including PricewaterhouseCoopers' 1,200-person card program, the RWE Group's 100,000-person card program, and some tips on implementing converged smart card/ID programs from consulting firm Cosmo-ID. Smart card technology firm LEGIC Identsystems will be our presenting sponsor. Registration is free, and the content will be especially applicable for physical and IT security directors, as well as integrators and access control software and hardware vendors working in this space. The registration page is now live.

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