Northcliffe Media to Manage Critical Data Stores With Autonomy ZANTAZ Enterprise Archiving Solution

LONDON and PLEASANTON, California, August 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ZANTAZ, an Autonomy company and the leader in the archiving, e-Discovery and Proactive Information Risk Management (IRM) markets, today announced that Northcliffe Media, one of...

LONDON and PLEASANTON, California, August 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ZANTAZ, an Autonomy company and the leader in the archiving, e-Discovery and Proactive Information Risk Management (IRM) markets, today announced that Northcliffe Media, one of the biggest regional newspaper publishers in the UK, has chosen the ZANTAZ Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS) to consolidate its 17 email data centres into two, while migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003. The ZANTAZ solution will also provide Northcliffe Media with an efficient and effective search and retrieval solution for electronic information and emails.

With ZANTAZ EAS, Northcliffe Media will be able to clean up and reduce the size of its approximately 7,500 Microsoft Exchange mailboxes across the company for its 4,500 full-time staff in 32 centres. After the migration, Northcliffe Media will use EAS to increase the efficiency of the company's knowledge management, document retention and electronic disclosure processes. Northcliffe Media will also be able to optimise its data storage capacity by removing duplicated emails and compressing them into a consolidated near-line archive store, thereby reducing the company's email storage requirements by up to 50 per cent.

In addition, ZANTAZ EAS will allow Northcliffe Media to retrieve email messages quickly and dramatically ease the cost and time penalties associated with litigation. Efficient knowledge management and e-disclosure processes will help Northcliffe Media, should it be necessary to provide information as part of the legal process.

Kieran Head, project manager at Northcliffe Media, comments: "There are three main reasons why we needed to implement an email archiving solution. Firstly, it is paramount that the migration and consolidation process will not disrupt the overall operation of the company - the clean-up of our 7,500 mailboxes will enable us to continue business as usual. Secondly, we'll be able to reduce our initial investment because we believe our storage requirements for Exchange will decrease by approximately 50 per cent. Finally, we want to be prepared to be able to disclose any electronic information as efficiently as possible in the event of any regulatory compliance requirements."

Glenn Perachio, EMEA director at Autonomy ZANTAZ, comments: "The drivers for companies to store and manage email more systematically and cost-effectively are multiplying because of the way in which all companies depend on electronic information. Northcliffe Media, like many businesses, is realising the many benefits that email archiving can deliver - not just in terms of cost and process efficiencies, but in terms of regulatory compliance and corporate governance."

Servo Computer Services, ZANTAZ' implementation partner, is currently undertaking a series of trials in a virtual environment, which will emulate Northcliffe's live Exchange environment. This proof of concept exercise will streamline the processes used during the archiving of Exchange 5.5 mailboxes and the migration to the consolidated Exchange 2003 farms at Northcliffe Media's Leicester and Plymouth data centres.

According to Ian Garland , storage business development consultant at Servo Computer Services, "Our team is committed to delivering a solution that will not only greatly reduce the time to consolidate Northcliffe's 17 Exchange servers but also brings long-term benefits to Northcliffe, through storage optimisation, knowledge retention and the reduction of cost in supporting litigation and compliancy requirements."

About Northcliffe Media

Northcliffe Media is one of the largest regional newspaper publishers in the UK publishing more daily titles than any other regional newspaper publisher. Operating from 37 centres, its 20 daily titles have a combined sale of almost one million copies while its 27 paid-for weeklies sell almost half a million a week. Its 62 free titles distribute 2.5 million copies every week. Northcliffe Media also offers a comprehensive print and publishing service to businesses and organisations across the UK and Eire.

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