The SD&I Fast50

The full report on winners of the 2012 SD&I Fast50: America's Fastest Growing Systems Integrators

The movers and shakers in systems solutions contracting are here in the pages of SD&I magazine.

The SD&I Fast50 recognizes those firms who have grown significantly over the last three years. (See story: How does the Fast50 work by Geoff Kohl on page 00.) On these pages we have assembled three listings: the overall ranking based on highest percentage of growth; ranking by revenue growth; and ranking by percentage growth. These rankings and their associated formulas create a level playing field, so both large and small companies can strut their stuff and be recognized.

Part of the design of this program was not only to recognize the entire landscape of the systems solutions contracting environment—but to find out what it takes to grow a company. We also asked what vertical markets they work in and which ones they anticipate growth. We asked their business mix of residential and commercial, whether or not they had a central station, if they were public or private and if they had any recent mergers, as well as the number of employees.

The results were surprising and gratifying. We found 97 percent out of the total universe that submitted entries were private companies. The majority focused their businesses on the commercial market and a much smaller percentage had merged their business with another over the last several years. Education and healthcare were cited as two of the fastest growing vertical markets. To find other statistics, check out the ‘Factoids’ and charts on these pages.

When we launched the program, we wondered how the long-winded recession would affect the entrants, or restrict their submissions. What we found was that many said they were finding more work on their books than ever. One company, R.J. Beck Protective Systems Inc., based in Norwalk, Ohio, said that in their 32 years of business they have always had growth. “But when we had the worst economic times we have had our best years and largest growth of the company,” said Bob Beck, president.


Top ranked company: Securityhunter Inc.

Our top ranked company was Securityhunter Inc., based in Baltimore, a firm fine-focused on the government vertical market, according to Michael S. Rogers, PSP, CPP and chief executive officer. The company has worked hard to carve this niche in the marketplace, he added. “Securityhunter has been recognized by the federal government as a best value provider of both physical and logical access control solutions,” said Rogers.

“We were awarded a $500mm blanket purchase agreement to provide these services both nationwide and overseas.” Currently, hundreds of federal facilities are being secured by Securityhunter. Projections for growth in 2012 are expected to be in excess of 200 percent as the company leverages its strategic market position, he said. Even more impressive: It’s a company of eleven employees.

I.K.E. Electrical Corp., Englewood Cliffs, N.J., was our number two company in the overall ranking position, and is headed by Steven H. Rothman, chief operating officer and chief financial officer. Established in 1983, IKE Electrical Corporation (I.K.E.) is licensed in the five boroughs of New York, New Jersey, Westchester, Orange and Rockland County. The company also operates IBMS Services LLC, focusing on integrated building management services.

“I.K.E. Electrical Corp. is unique in its ability to combine its expertise in high voltage for new construction and renovations, with its ability to provide IT solutions, co-generation of electricity, LEED Solutions and low voltage Solutions that include access control, video camera surveillance, fire alarms and monitoring, telecommunication solutions, virtual maintenance solutions, remote utility meter reading and tenant billing, plus a support Help Desk for our clients,” said Rothman.

“We offer a single source, total solution for general contractors and that is what is responsible for our continued fast growth in the New York, New Jersey, Westchester County and Hudson Valley marketplaces.”

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