Insider Intelligence: Does Your Brain Need a Tune-Up?

Tips on keeping your mind and body sharp and ready for productivity

Most mainstream health and fitness clubs offer yoga classes that attract golfers, runners, tennis players and cyclists trying to improve their performance by increasing their range of motion, flexibility and for injury prevention and rehabilitation. It goes without saying that you should always check with your physician before embarking on any physical regime, especially one that involves injury rehabilitation.

Along with movements to build strength and flexibility, most good yoga classes train you how to be aware of your respiration and inform you on the therapeutic benefit of breathing exercises. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Inhaling slowly to a count of ten, and then exhaling slowly to a count of ten sends a message to the brain to calm down and relax. As a result, the production of stress hormones are reduced, and your body moves from a fight or flight state of tension to a calmer state of general well-being.

This state of the brain is referred to as the alpha state. In the alpha state, we are disposed to fresh creative energy and problem solving. Achieving the alpha state each day for at least a short period of time helps to increase focus and concentration.


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