Residential Security Focus: Integrating Energy Management

A security dealer’s expertise serves as the perfect starting point for a wider Connected Home solution

Another important advantage of the Connected Home is that it gives the property owner control over more than just the thermostat. A comprehensive energy management service should automate every power-hungry device to provide the greatest opportunity to cut waste and drive down energy bills. For example, in addition to lighting and outlet modules, integrates power modules that connect to any appliance to measure consumption and automate power flow. A property owner who is serious about reducing their energy bill can shut down their hot water heater for a few hours every night, or use a light control module on motion-sensitive, outside security lights so they do not waste power during daylight hours.

Managing and automating all these devices is easy too. Controls are accessed through the web, smart phone or tablet, and automations can be completely personalized and integrated with custom schedules and triggers, geo-location or with basic remote control.


The Security Dealer’s Advantage

Because interactive home security is the underpinning of a truly effective energy management solution, security dealers are ideally suited to introduce property owners to energy management services. With expertise about the technology at the heart of the Connected Home, you can expertly explain the benefits of energy management, detail the differences between a whole home system and standalone devices, and be the trusted professional for an easy installation process.

The hardware requirements to move a property owner into energy management can begin with just a smart thermostat. Depending on experience with electrical work, dealers can partner with local electricians to make wiring as smooth and fast as possible. Offering this kind of complete service is a great differentiator from the off-the-shelf smart thermostats, where installation can eat up a good chunk of a property owner’s weekend.

For the solution, plug modules simply go into the wall and light modules screw into light sockets. All of this hardware communicates wirelessly to a module in the security panel and advanced support tools help establish communications between devices and evaluate the strength and reliability of those connections. These support tools speed installation and greatly reduce the need for repeat trips to fine tune and complete an installation.

Connected Home platforms continue to offer new integration of devices and sensors from across the home to provide smarter services that no single device can match. These platforms make it easy to deliver today’s best home automation services to homeowners.

The technology to help customers save money and more intuitively manage their homes without becoming a burden is available now. Security dealers are in a great position to capitalize on the growing interest and demand for these Connected Home Services. Integrating energy management solutions with interactive home security is a unique and differentiated solution and an ideal place to start.


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