Growth Squared: The 2014 SD&I Fast50

The 3rd Annual SD&I Fast50, honoring the fastest-growing security dealers and integrators in North America

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It’s no wonder that mega-companies like AT&T, Comcast and others have inserted themselves into the security services market — few industries in North America can claim the type of sustained growth that ours has enjoyed for several years now. 

This year’s SD&I Fast50, honoring the fastest-growing security dealers and integrators in North America, is a testament to it. The security dealers and integrators that submitted their financials for our third-annual rankings accounted for a whopping $2.15 billion in gross revenue in 2013 alone. 

But these rankings are about growth — something security dealers and integrators are no stranger to. According to the numbers culled from SD&I’s survey, our industry has enjoyed steady year-to-year growth at around 15 percent. Surveyed companies enjoyed 14% growth in 2013 as compared to 2012, and 30% growth since 2011. That’s nearly a billion in gross revenue growth over two years. 

“Our members have seen a number of growth opportunities, and the forward-thinking companies are the ones who thrive,” says John Knox, president of the Electronic Security Association (ESA). “Regardless of size, the most successful companies will be able to provide quality products and great customer support at a competitive price. And never forget that good, old-fashioned hard work makes the difference, regardless of whether it’s a one-man company or a company of thousands.”

You will likely find quite a few of those forward-looking companies counting themselves among this year’s Fast50. By adapting to the changing technology landscape and targeting growing vertical markets, these firms are finding the path to profit. 

Nine companies in this year’s Fast50 actually doubled their revenue growth or better over 2012; and nine companies enjoyed better than 100-percent average growth over the past three-year period. More insights on our surveyed companies — including whether the companies are public or private; if they focus more on commercial or residential; if they offer monitoring services; and what they report as their fastest-growing markets — are illustrated with pie charts throughout this article.  

Beyond the raw numbers and survey data, read on to learn to what each of our Fast50 companies attribute their dynamic growth, along with advice and best practices to help your company achieve the same kind of development in our marketplace. 


Meet the Top Ten
Our top 10 Fast50 companies run the gamut from large to small businesses in terms of employees; however all of them balanced gross revenues and overall percentage growth over a three-year period to end up on top of the rankings. Be sure to attend our awards ceremony on the main lobby stage (right outside the show floor) at ISC West on April 2 at 4 p.m. to meet the leaders of these top 10 companies!

To give you a “deep dive” into the best practices, histories and principals of the top five Fast50 companies, each one is featured in an individual profile. Our top company is American Integrated Security Group; No. 2 is Perimeter Security Group; two-time top company Securityhunter is ranked No. 3; and two companies tied for the No. 4 ranking, Securadyne Systems and A3 Communications

The rest of our top 10 was asked the following question: What are some of the keys to your growth as a company, and what particular vertical markets have you seen the most growth in? Here’s what each one had to say:

Kratos Public Safety & Security Solutions, No. 6
“We focus in on our customer’s business needs and engineer solutions that solve issues and deliver value — this is the launching point to ensuring a long-standing business partnership,” says Senior VP of Sales & Marketing Robert Gaulden. “Recent tragedies in the education market have increased awareness and demand for additional security, including physical access control, video surveillance and mass notification.”

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