Managing your employees for business growth

SD&I Fast50 panel at PSA-TEC looks at how your human resources impact your electronic security integration company’s growth

Since your growth comes from your employees, keeping your customers happy ultimately means keeping your employees happy. Oetjen recommends surveying your employees for job satisfaction, and says that unhappiness often comes from them being looked over for internal promotions or not receiving the training they need to feel like they can advance in their careers. He says he also recommends a healthy balance of promoting inside talent and recruiting outside talent. It’s important to hire from within if possible, since it shows your commitment to your existing team members, but he also recommends that you look to the outside for fresh faces and ideas as well.

Nikel added on the topic of job satisfaction and internal recruitment that he invests in an annual coaching program to help keep people moving up within the organization. It’s more than just adding to their technical skill sets, he says. Instead, the coaching they may need is non-technical on management or sales skills.

While personnel management may be only one component of creating a great company poised for growth, it’s where you root your company. If you invest in your people, you’ll find that they bring you growth.

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