Joel Griffin

Lead SecurityInfoWatch news editor Joel Griffin blogs about the news of the day affecting the security industry in the Industry Surveillance blog.

  • 'Internet of Things' takes hold in physical security

    By Joel Griffin - Thursday April 17, 2014
    One trend that is beginning to rapidly take hold across the technology landscape is the concept of what has been dubbed as the “Internet of Things” or IoT for short, which is essentially the proliferation of web-enabled devices throughout all industries. In fact, Cisco, which was one of the pioneers behind the IoT phenomenon, predicts that by 2020, there will be somewhere between 20 to 50...
Caroline Hamilton

In the Risk Insider blog, security expert Caroline Hamilton will provide a different slant on a variety of security issues such as data privacy, active shooters, violence prevention, and the impact of IT on physical security. Using original research and interviews with key players, this blog will give the insider's perspective on a full range of security issues.

  • Discussing violence in public places on the Diane Rehm Show

    By Caroline Hamilton - Wednesday April 16, 2014
    I was thrilled to be invited to the Diane Rehm Show (WAMU) this week to participate in a special program on preventing violent acts in public places, which also featured Dr. Lisa Gold, of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and Bruce Shapiro of Columbia University’s Center for Journalism & Trauma, who was a victim himself of a stabbing in New Haven, Conn. With recent events in...
Paul Rothman

In the Integrator Insights blog, Security Dealer & Integrator (SD&I) magazine editor Paul Rothman talks shop about video surveillance, RMR strategies, alarm monitoring and other topics of interest for today's systems integrators.

  • Home automation boom continues at ISC West

    By Paul Rothman - Friday April 4, 2014
      Home automation technologies may have received a huge amount of headlines at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, but, when it comes to security-related technology, ISC West was certainly not far behind the giant consumer show. I caught up with a variety of vendors that were featuring home automation products in my travels at ISC West, and the depth and breadth of different products...
Deborah O'Mara

Award-winning security industry journalist Deborah O’Mara looks at trends impacting security dealers in the Profits and Pitfalls blog.

  • Finding RMR at ISC West

    By Deborah O'Mara - Monday March 31, 2014
    Look past the bells, whistles, flashing lights and other hoopla at ISC West this week and you’ll see more than hardware and boxes.  You’ll discover new ways to bring recurring monthly revenue (RMR) and cash flow to the solutions you sell. Shifting your focus from hardware and a "break-fix" mentality to "everything as a service" can be a difficult transition, but ISC West is the perfect...
Curtis  Baillie

In the Security2LP blog, Security consultant and former loss prevention manager Curtis Baillie discusses matters of importance to security executives, retailers and store managers related to shrink, shoplifting, and LP.

  • Why every security consultant should attend the IAPSC conference

    By Curtis Baillie - Thursday February 13, 2014
    Editor’s note: The article below was written by IAPSC President, Frank Pisciotta, CSC. This is a great conference that every security consultant should consider attending. It features great vendor displays, discussions and sharing. There is something for everybody. I will be attending and look forward to seeing colleagues and other consultants there.  – Curt The International...
Steve Lasky

Security Technology Executive magazine publisher Steve Lasky's blog The Blender looks at current events and trending news articles related to the security industry.

  • Sentiment grows for privatizing airport screening – again!

    By Steve Lasky - Friday January 24, 2014
    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has to be the most maligned federal agency in history. Everyone who flies seems to have their own version of TSA hell, spanning the security line purgatory of incidental groping and rude behavior to theft and intrusive scanning. I do fly on a regular basis, and I will say that my negative experiences with TSA agents have been minimal. Except...
Darnell Washington, CISSP

The archived Darnell on IT blog from Darnell Washington

  • Building a winning project team for physical security installations

    By Darnell Washington, CISSP - Monday September 23, 2013
    In building a winning project team for physical security installations, lead project managers must carefully assess the skills of the project team to insure that proper representation of stakeholders is present, with a clear delineation of the roles and responsibilities of a project. In addition, there are several cultural, technical, process methodologies, and integration strategies that must...
Rob Phillips

Industry Insights Blogs from

  • As the security industry evolves, the same principles exist

    By Rob Phillips - Tuesday September 17, 2013
    A recent comprehensive study by ASIS International and the Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM) shows a booming market for security. It’s $350 billion, to be exact, according to "The United States Security Industry: Size and Scope, Insights, Trends, and Data." Some $282 billion consists of private sector spending. What’s more, 17 security companies made the 2013 Inc. 5000 list that...
Paul Rothman

STE Executive Suite blogger and STE magazine editor Paul Rothman discusses security issues of relevance for security managers and chief security officers (CSOs).

  • The Onion steps over the line

    By Paul Rothman - Tuesday July 2, 2013
    This time they went too far… No, I have not joined the ranks of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Congressman John Fleming, or the online version of China's Communist Party newspaper — my eyes are wide open and I’m no “victim” of satire. Today, The Onion posted a story with the headline: “ 16-Year-Old Excited To Have Whole Summer To Plan Shooting For Next School Year” . You...
Eric Pritchard

The LegalWatch blog offers legal opinions from attorney Eric J. Pritchard on topics related to the security and alarm industry.

  • Navigating insurance claims post-Sandy

    By Eric Pritchard - Monday November 5, 2012
    Editor's note: Edward Dunham, an attorney with Kleinbard, Bell & Brecker, co-authored this blog entry. If your company recently suffered a power outage or other hurricane-related damage you may be tempted to put any potential insurance claim to the side and focus on getting your operations up and running again. First things first, but you may have rights under the insurance you’ve purchased...