Chris Hills

Security industry consultant Chris Hills discusses technology trends and corporate security concerns in the Assessing Security blog.

  • Interest in RFID

    By Chris Hills - Monday May 23, 2011
    I originally posted this February 8, 2009 on my Microsoft blog and thought I should share it here. I really became interested in RFID after reading RFID Toys back in 2002. Amal Graafstra the author and I have been friends ever since, though Amal...
  • Security Biometrics 101

    By Chris Hills - Friday May 13, 2011
    Two years ago l fell in love with a Biometric product. I walked by a booth on the 3rd day of the ASIS show and stopped to watch as individuals enrolled into the system as fast as I have ever seen any Biometric system enroll a person. As fast as the...
  • The Risk Of E-Waste At Your Company

    By Chris Hills - Thursday May 27, 2010
    Most security practitioners are not aware of a very real threat to their company’s image and reputation posed by E-waste. I was involved, as a consultant, in the physical security portion of a lengthy review concerning E-waste which poses serious and...
  • Amazon patents packaging surveillance

    By Chris Hills - Wednesday May 19, 2010
    Amazon wants to film the packaging and preparation of your goods as they get ready to ship out in order to make sure your order is properly fulfilled and addressed. Stills or the whole video are then forwarded along to you, so you can review them...
  • Manholes are in your scope!

    By Chris Hills - Friday April 30, 2010
    You have developed and implemented a secure perimeter for your building. The problem I would like to consider could be a few feet away from your secure perimeter. You spend a considerable amount of time and money protecting your information from digital...
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