Paul Rothman

In the Integrator Insights blog, Security Dealer & Integrator (SD&I) magazine editor Paul Rothman talks shop about video surveillance, RMR strategies, alarm monitoring and other topics of interest for today's systems integrators.

  • Social Media Power Can Be Measured in Ice Water

    By Paul Rothman - Friday August 22, 2014
    Still don’t believe that social media marketing can have a huge impact on your business? Have you seen anyone dump a bucket of ice water on their head lately? I bet you have. To many business owners in the security services industry, social media...
  • We Finally Got Our Piece of the Pie

    By Paul Rothman - Friday May 23, 2014
    My father once told me, there will always be research out there to prove any point you need to. “For every research report that says one thing, I will find you two that say the opposite,” he joked.  That’s exactly what I was thinking of when I read...
  • Home automation boom continues at ISC West

    By Paul Rothman - Friday April 4, 2014
      Home automation technologies may have received a huge amount of headlines at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, but, when it comes to security-related technology, ISC West was certainly not far behind the giant consumer show. I caught up...
  • Make working with the government work for you

    By Paul Rothman - Monday October 28, 2013
    Considering all the news lately, if you think working with the government is akin to trying to complete one of those wacky obstacle courses on that silly show Wipeout, it would probably be an understatement. The quest of some Congressional leaders to...
  • ASIS Report: Vendors Embrace Mobile Apps

    By Paul Rothman - Friday October 4, 2013
    Fresh off an exhausting ASIS show, here's a sneak preview of my column in the October issue of SD&I. It should be available soon at It is always interesting to roam around the show floor at September’s ASIS...
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