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The LegalWatch blog offers legal opinions from attorney Eric J. Pritchard on topics related to the security and alarm industry.

  • Navigating insurance claims post-Sandy

    By Eric Pritchard - Monday November 5, 2012
    Editor's note: Edward Dunham, an attorney with Kleinbard, Bell & Brecker, co-authored this blog entry. If your company recently suffered a power outage or other hurricane-related damage you may be tempted to put any potential insurance claim to the...
  • Don't spend that healthcare rebate check yet!

    By Eric Pritchard - Wednesday August 1, 2012
    If your company maintains a group health plan for your employees, you may have received a "rebate" check from your health care insurer.  It’s not a reduction in your rates or a rebate and it’s not being sent because your insurer wants to keep your...
  • Obamacare ruling's impact on the security industry

    By Eric J. Pritchard - Friday June 29, 2012
    In a 5-4 decision, a sharply divided U.S. Supreme Court today [Thursday] upheld virtually all of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration’s overhaul of heath care law in the United States, including the controversial...
  • Is your employee background screening process illegal?

    By Eric Pritchard - Tuesday May 8, 2012
    If you use criminal background checks in your hiring decisions, you’re in the majority – 92 percent of employers subject job candidates to criminal backgrounds investigations. And usually for good reasons; to combat theft and fraud, address concerns...
  • Acquisitions market to gain strength in 2012

    By Eric J. Pritchard - Friday February 17, 2012
    The security industry has a number of well-attended conferences that focus on mergers and acquisitions.  I recently attended such a conference at the Breakers, a magnificent property located in Palm Beach, Fla.  It’s my 11 th conference and I look...
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