Natalia Kosk

The archived SD&I Dispatches blog from Natalia Kosk discusses security technology trends for security dealers and readers of SD&I magazine.

  • NFC technology discussions continued

    By Natalia Kosk - Saturday January 21, 2012
    Phones enabled with wireless Near Field Communications (NFC) technology are already gaining speed in the marketplace as access control and other platforms utilize its advantages for mainstream deployment. Here’s what Raj Venkat, vice president of...
  • What’s your New Year’s resolution?

    By Natalia Kosk - Tuesday December 13, 2011
    As editors, we’re trained to do our research—dig through details, cold-call sources, fact-check the information we have come across through our searches— in finding “the story” as it relates to a particular topic or developing trend. And while...
  • Gobble up the Black Friday savings but shop wisely

    By Natalia Kosk - Wednesday November 23, 2011
    It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving when many of us gather with family and friends and share what we are thankful for—at least I like to think that’s one of the things we should be mindful of as we feast on the...
  • RFI Communications & Security Systems discusses growth strategies

    By Natalia Kosk - Monday November 21, 2011
    For many businesses, the period going into a New Year is the time to sit down, review developments of the past 12 months, plan their future budgets and create a roadmap of goals for the year ahead. Yet for San Jose, Calif.-based RFI Communications...
  • Big Buys of 2011

    By Natalia Kosk - Monday November 21, 2011
    If this past year told us anything, it’s that remote services and consumer-friendly features hit home for the security industry. While the initial buzz that 2010 brought with IP video seemed to wear off a bit, the year made up for it with developments...
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