Paul Rothman

STE Executive Suite blogger and STE magazine editor Paul Rothman discusses security issues of relevance for security managers and chief security officers (CSOs).

  • The Onion steps over the line

    By Paul Rothman - Tuesday July 2, 2013
    This time they went too far… No, I have not joined the ranks of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Congressman John Fleming, or the online version of China's Communist Party newspaper — my eyes are wide open and I’m no “victim” of satire. Today...
  • 'Undercover Boss' appearance a triumph for ADT

    By Paul Rothman - Thursday May 23, 2013
    It isn’t a hard and fast rule, but when a company appears on a show like CBS’ Undercover Boss , you can probably expect to see some fireworks — there was the Boston Market cashier who hated customers; the Hooters manager who humiliated the...
  • The Bird is the Word

    By Paul Rothman - Wednesday April 24, 2013
    When analyzing an emergency mass notification plan, unfortunately it tends to take an actual emergency to see how it works in action. Such was the case in Boston last week, when jammed phone and SMS lines created snarled and ineffective...
  • Keeping up with Innovation

    By Paul Rothman - Friday March 22, 2013
    It seems like someone pressed the fast-forward button on technology a few years ago, and the breakneck pace has put the security industry on a virtual speedway — with many end-users, integrators and even vendors desperately trying to avoid being left...
  • Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad uses security cameras as the star

    - Monday February 4, 2013
    Sure, Coca-Cola gave us all a few warm and fuzzy feelings during the Super Bowl with this well-thought-out advertisement that featured random acts of kindness caught on surveillance video. But for some, it was just a stark reminder that "Big Brother" is...
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