Geoff Kohl

In his blog The Security Check, author Geoff Kohl discusses current homeland security, crime and security industry trends and their impact upon the business of security.

  • The right way to fund urban security

    By Geoff Kohl - Friday September 21, 2012
    Here at, we're all for security, and so it seems is Chicago Alderman George Cardenas. He's proposed a safety and security fee that would be levied upon Chicago's citizens to help pay for more police officers. Improving law...
  • Libya consulate attack and the power of social media

    By Geoff Kohl - Friday September 14, 2012
    It’s a pretty poor movie. In fact, it’s decidedly amateurish. The acting is terrible, the effects are ill-accomplished, and the script is disjointed. Worse than that, it’s clear that it has voice-overs injected that don’t match the audio or line...
  • Four very cool video surveillance technologies at ASIS 2012

    By Geoff Kohl - Tuesday September 11, 2012
    Video surveillance technology companies seem to get all the buzz in the security industry, and rightfully so. These companies are making forward jumps of leaps and bounds, and after a day combing the aisles of the 2012 ASIS International Tradeshow in...
  • The business playing field for security dealers must be level

    By Geoff Kohl - Friday September 7, 2012
    The Electronic Security Association (ESA)  alerted the security industry of a court case occurring right now in Massachusetts that could be a watershed case for the industry. The issue is licensing and whether companies like Comcast and Verizon are...
  • 7 Years after Katrina: Making Progress in Continuity

    By Geoff Kohl - Friday August 31, 2012
    Those of you who know me may well recall how I devoted this column seven years ago to Hurricane Katrina and my personal experience of being on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (site of the tidal surge that destroyed most coastal towns) approximately 24...
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