SPIE Defense & Security Symposium Starts in Orlando

Imaging show looks at infrared, optical sensors, cameras, night vision


SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering today announced the April 17 opening of the Defense & Security Symposium 2006 in Orlando, Florida. The free exhibition runs April 18-20, showcasing new technology and innovative products from over 420 companies serving the defense and homeland security industry. A career fair occurs April 18-19, with recruiters from leading technology organizations. This is the largest assembly in the United States of open conferences, courses and exhibitors in the field of imaging, sensors and optical engineering for defense, military and homeland security applications.

Over 2,200 technical papers will be presented by leading scientists, researchers and engineers who will unveil breakthroughs in optics, sensors, signal processing and infrared imaging. Many of these technologies enable systems and personnel to see the unseen, recognize threats and manage information to improve safety and effectiveness.

Within this field, the SPIE Defense and Security Symposium (DSS) is the largest exhibition in the United States and has been held in Orlando for more than 10 years. Over 420 companies will show the latest innovations (including 120 new products announced at DSS) in technology categories including:

* infrared sources, detectors and systems

* sensors and sensor networks

* electronic imaging

* optics components, filters/coatings and systems

* high-speed imaging

* lasers

* optical design software

* optical detectors

* optical test and measurement equipment

* camera and CCD components

* optoelectronic devices

* fiber lasers

* innovative displays, including night vision systems.

Given the need for continuous learning in the fast changing world of technology, SPIE is offering 55 technical courses on topics including Sensor Networks, Signal and Image Processing, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security, Optical and Optomechanical Engineering, Multisensor Information Fusion, Target Acquisition and Recognition, Modeling and Simulation, GPS Technology, Laser Sensing and Systems, Tactical Sensors and Imagers, Infrared Systems Engineering and Thermosense.

A new "industry perspectives" program runs April 19 and 20 as a forum for business and engineering discussions focused on the future directions of commercial technology. These sessions are free for all attendees, including technical conference attendees, exhibitors and exhibition hall visitors. Executives from DoD, DARPA, civilian agencies and the commercial sector will address the following topics:

* DARPA/MTO Photonics Overview

* The Future of Terahertz Imaging

* The Future of Fiber Lasers

* The Future of Infrared Imaging

* The Future of Hyperspectral Imaging

"Technology leaders from government, academia and industry come to DSS in Orlando to see the latest research and new products that use optics and photonics for defense, security and spin-off applications. Everyone here is working to accelerate discovery, development and distribution of solutions," said Janice Walker, Director of Events at SPIE. "These are the people who push the frontiers of possibility in response to the imaging, sensor and analysis requirements of military and civilian agencies. The presentations, product information and personal networking provide immediate payback for attendees."

DSS technical conferences offer groundbreaking presentations, organized into program tracks such as:

* Technologies for Homeland Security and Law Enforcement

* Infrared (IR) Sensors and Systems Engineering

* Tactical Sensors and Imagers

* Laser Sensors and Systems

* Battlespace Technologies

* Space Technologies and Operations

* Displays including flexible displays, rugged PDAs and head-mounted systems

* Modeling and Simulation

* Intelligent and Unmanned Systems

* Sensor Data Exploitation and Target Recognition

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