Mobotix carves a niche with integrators

Company looks to provide its resellers with a market differentiator

“It’s a two-way street,” said Steve Gorski, general manager of the Americas for Mobotix. “We don’t sell direct, so this is a critical program. It is our way to officially manage the channel loyalty to Mobotix and show our loyalty to you.” Integrators and VARs have to register for the program on the website at

“There are different levels and we are not allowing Web shops to participate,” Gorski continued. “We will do the due-diligence on the companies in the program and provide project assistance—those will be yours and we will register the projects so you get credit and we make sure they stay with you. The other benefits will be information flow, a dedicated Web portal, training, sales/marketing support, monthly newsletter, train-the-trainer and direct technical support. With this program everyone can improve their business and become much more stable in the marketplace.”

The tiered program basically is the more business you do the more the benefits. The three levels include:

  1. Entry level Partner; registration required but no revenue requirements,
  2. Certified Mobotix Partner or CMP; the participating company has a $50,000 per year commitment to product and training,
  3. Advanced MxPartner or AMP, the highest level/VIP. Here, Mobotix works to put a business plan together with the integrator.

It is a competitive marketplace—up and down the channel, from installation to manufacturing. So when a differentiator can help make more sales, it might be the way to go.