SIW Radio Episode 3: Managing Security Guards with GPS Technology

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Now that the prices for GPS technology have dropped so significantly, companies are devising more and more ways to use this tracking technology -- including such tasks as asset management, cargo security, even school bus speed and safety tracking.'s editor catches up with Scott McDonald, CEO of Monument Security, to learn how Monument Security is using GPS technology to find operational efficiencies for its uniformed and patrol guards, as well as for plainclothes loss prevention officers. about industry acquisitions (Global ePoint buys Tops Digital Security; RISCO Group buys Keyware), a new verified response policy that's coming for Madison, Wisc., plus how San Francisco's airport plans to screen all of its passenger cargo for explosives. Show links: Monument Security: Xora:  To listen to this podcast: 1) Use the streaming player at top right, or 2) Download this episode here. [SIW Radio; Episode 3; Show date: 06/23/2006; Show length: 26 minutes; Download file size: Approx 10.6Mb]