Motorola unveils new line of communication solutions

New products provide first responders with seamless connectivity, access to real-time information

The unique, dual-pocket design allows simultaneous charging of primary and secondary batteries. This next generation IMPRES charger provides advanced features, including the ability to turn on/off reconditioning, reduced reconditioning time and improved energy efficiency.

APX IMPRES Dual Unit Charger is compatible with APX IMPRES batteries and will be available with and without informational displays. The charger will be shipping in the middle of 2009.

Powerful, flexible MW810 mobile computing platform gets even better

Motorola's highly advanced, fully rugged, fixed-mount MW810 Mobile Workstation now offers additional options, including a smaller screen for small vehicles and a screen with a built-in Smart Card reader.

The smaller, but still rugged, 8.4-inch display provides a better fit in smaller vehicles. Also offered, is a 12.1-inch display with the built-in Smart Card reader that provides enhanced security and complies with emerging federal standards.

The MW810 is optimized for wireless communications in the harsh environments of mission-critical vehicles. The workstation readily handles applications like video, license plate recognition and eCitation and provides reliable, secure wireless connectivity and computing power for mission critical applications.

The MW810 is a high-performance, flexible computing platform optimized for seamless connectivity at highway speeds that enables users to access information when they need it most. Other workstation features include an ergonomic design, a powerful CPU, super-bright display options, touch-screen standard and dual-display support.

Motorola MARVLIS(TM) takes Advance Resource Location to a higher level

Motorola's new MARVLIS technology provides an Advance Resource Location (ARL) solution that encompasses all field resources and provides a complete ARL snapshot of mobile and portable radios equipped with Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Using the ASTRO 25 location solution and P25 radios, police, fire, EMS and other organizations requiring location information about the deployment of their field units - whether on foot or in a vehicle - will be able to use MARVLIS to dispatch resources quickly and safely. Other potential MARVLIS users include utilities, service/repair, meter reading and delivery services.

The Motorola MARVLIS solution provides unique end-user services to customers, including Demand Monitor, Deployment Planner, Deployment Monitor and Impedance Monitor.

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