Infinova introduces new Universal Security Platform

In an effort to keep up with the changing times of the security industry, Infinova is proud to introduce their new USP (Universal Security Platform) system. The USP system is specifically designed for dedicated network users, in which one universal security platform provides access to video, audio, data, 1000M Ethernet, intercom and alarm.

Infinova's USP system is an integration platform with four main functions: system management, daily monitoring, FO transmission and storage. The video matrix switching and 1000M Ethernet switching abilities are integrated, thus improving integration as well as the use and cost effectiveness of the system. Infinova's USP system is cutting edge, providing a CPU card, main optical card, 1000M Ethernet card, optical splitter card, H.264 encoder card, fiber connection card, video input card, video output card and data card.

The USP system configures and manages the network via the network management software. The network management software monitors the system operation status and provides operational diagnosis information, including both system failure and optical link failure information. The software also provides direct video viewing via the network. The system is also a fiber optic network with configuration and management functions. The transmission channel and time interval of the system can be distributed on the fiber optic link according to the bandwidth usage condition to provide more flexibility.

Universal Security Platform Advantages

The USP system is a cutting edge product in the security industry. The USP has the following technology advantages as compared with traditional security products.

  • Comprehensive Service. The USP provides the services of video, audio, data, 1000M Ethernet, intercom, and alarm.
  • High Integration. The USP system integrates fiber optic video transmission, matrix video switching and 1000M Ethernet exchange technologies, avoiding the problems caused by traditional system integration.
  • Mobile Control Center. The USP system enables users to change the control center easily via priority configuration, thus greatly improving the ability for emergency management.
  • Flexible Network Connection. The USP system adopts proper system structure to use fiber optic resources effectively.
  • Easy Expansion. The USP system uses cutting edge designs. Only function cards are needed to expand the system. Other devices or fiber is not required. The system flow is very easily achieved via high speed data line ports. To add a monitoring node, simply add the desired device. These newly added devices can be managed by the existing system.
  • Uniform Management. The powerful network management software can easily assist in managing and configuring the entire system, and locating failures automatically. This will reduce operation and maintenance costs. The network manage software supports remote download, which assists when updating the program online.
  • High Compatibility. The USP system can work together with Infinova analog matrix switchers effortlessly. It is also compatible with main stream analog matrix switchers (Pelco, Philips, Honeywell, etc.).
  • High Reliability. The USP system uses industry level design, and supports redundant power supply and hot swapping.
  • Development Advantage. The USP system has both independent technology and innovative system structure.