Videolarm introduces IP reset device and power box system

Decatur, GA – Jan. 26, 2009 – When downtime is not an option, Videolarm’s all-in-one IP Reset device and Power Box provides the solution for getting surveillance back online. Videolarm’s new integrated IP Reset device and Power Box helps save costly service fees and reduces surveillance down time resulting from lockups caused by network issues, wiring problems and power fluctuations.

The integrated IP Reset Power Box solution is available in two models:

  • Standard (PB24) – designed for direct conduit connections, provides 4 amps of power at 24Vac, ample current for camera, heater/blower and pan/tilt mechanism.
  • Battery Backup (PB24BB) provides up to 25 minutes of batter-powered current to eliminate downtime when a disruption from a main power source occurs.

For added convenience, the IP reset device has two operating modes providing reset capability to meet varying needs. Smart Reset Monitoring monitors a wireless system or digital camera’s output for any change in frequency and resets the electronic device when changes are detected. Program Reset enables the camera or wireless unit to be programmed to restart during a specified time interval.

"Now there is a simple-to-install and cost-effective alternative to pricey service calls for resetting system lock ups," said Ray Pagano, president of Videolarm. "Our IP Reset device is a total solution to keep wireless systems online, deliver maximum surveillance uptime and help to keep service fees from eating into the bottom line."

Outdoor rated with UL-approved power supply, Videolarm’s Power Boxes are constructed of rugged and vandal-resistant cast aluminum. The NEMA 4 box enclosure meets IP 66 standards to prevent the induction of minute particles. Additionally, the power boxes mount directly to Videolarm’s Fusion Dome (FDW housings), Vandal-Resistant housings (RHW housings), and Environmental Housing (ACH13 Housings) with WM1500 bracket.