IDTECK Releases STAR FGR007A Fingerprint Access Controller

IDTECK, a manufacturer of access control systems has launched the simple designed fingerprint access controller STAR FGR007A. As more fingerprint standalone units are coming out in the market, the need for compact standalone readers has risen.

STAR FGR007A from IDTECK has been developed to fit the need of the market for fingerprint identification standalone units. With more than 15 years of experience in the security industry, all our fingerprint identification technology has been amalgamated into a single unit, the FGR007A. The FGR007A is affordable and makes installing and upgrading to fingerprint access control a viable option. Armed with fast and accurate identification with up to 4,000 user capacity, it will provide a complete security solution.

Applicable areas:

- High security areas such as R&D centres, government sectors, military areas

- Accurate Time & Attendance with access control in offices and factories

Key Features:

- Rapid Identification - Less than 1 second of identification speed

- Compact Design- Made to fit door frames of any kind

- Network Capacity- Up to 256 units networkable in single loop

- Accurate Identification - 0.0001% False Acceptance Rate

More information: