Fargo Releases Software Development Kit for Smart Card Application Programmers

Minneapolis, MN - Fargo Electronics, Inc. today announced the launch of its Software Development Kit (SDK), a growing collection of software development tools including code samples and online help. The SDK makes it easy for most smart card applications to control the necessary encoding functions of Fargo printer/encoders.

“As Fargo products grow more sophisticated, we’re dedicated to keeping application development as easy as possible,” says John Ekers, Fargo’s Director of Product Marketing for Systems and Software. “Whether you’re developing a stand-alone badging program or an integrated security system, the SDK lets you tap into our industry-leading card issuance technologies."

The SDK provides the flexible development tools that will benefit vertical markets such as access control, health care and large corporate enterprises.

Using code from the Fargo SDK, programmers can read and write smart cards, select a card hopper, password-protect printer/encoders, run diagnostics and more. The SDK also offers:

  • Ease of use: An easy-to use, high-level command set controls card printing and diagnostics, upgrades, audits, and enables printer security.
  • Printer/encoder abstraction: The SDK’s high-level interface abstracts devices so complex functions can be performed with just a few lines of code – not hundreds.
  • Positive command confirmation: The function returns a status indicating a properly executed command, a successfully completed operation or the nature of an error.
  • Forward compatibility: Using the Fargo SDK helps ensure software applications will be compatible with future Fargo printer/encoders.

The Fargo SDK helps control and monitor the operation of Fargo printer/encoders such as the DTC400, the DTC550 and the HDP600. In addition, the SDK includes secure issuance functionality supported by Print Security Suite and Print Security Manager.