Co-founder of Voltage Security Wins RSA Award

RSA CONFERENCE -- Voltage Security, Inc., global leader in enterprise privacy management, today announced that co-founder and member of the Voltage Board of Directors, Professor Dan Boneh, has been awarded the 2005 RSA Conference Award for Field of Mathematics. The RSA Conference Award for Mathematics recognizes innovation and ongoing contribution to the field of cryptography, and looks expressly for those who are pioneers in their field, and whose work has applied lasting value.

``The RSA Conference Awards honor prestigious thought leaders in the security industry, and this year is no exception, with all recipients lending major contributions that have built the foundation for past developments and continue to pave the way for future advancement,'' said Sandra Toms LaPedis, vice president and general manager of RSA Conferences.

``I am grateful and honored to receive this prestigious award,'' said Dr. Dan Boneh, associate professor at Stanford University; co-founder, Voltage Security, Inc. ``It has been extremely rewarding to see my work with Dr. Matt Franklin gain validation among the academic community, and now, increasingly in the commercial world.''

``This award validates what we continue to hear from our customers and partners; IBE is truly a breakthrough encryption technology that, for the first time, makes secure communication inside and outside the corporate firewall usable, manageable, and scalable,'' said Sathvik Krishnamurthy, president and CEO of Voltage Security, Inc. ``We are extremely proud of what Dan has accomplished.''

Dr. Dan Boneh will speak on ``Improved Efficiency for CCA-Secure Cryptosystems Built Using Identity-Based Encryption'' at 2:00 pm Tuesday, February 15th at the RSA Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Past RSA Conference Field of Mathematics Award recipients include: in 2004, Dr. Silvio Micali; in 2003, Dr. Mihir Bellare and Dr. Phillip Rogaway; in 2002, Dr. Don Coppersmith; and in 2001, Dr. Scott Vanstone.