FBI Director Robert Mueller to Deliver Keynote Address at InfraGard 2005

Washington -- InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA or "InfraGard") and the Federal Bureau of Investigation today announced that FBI Director Robert Mueller will address attendees at the InfraGard 2005 National Conference on Tuesday, Aug. 9. Director Mueller's keynote speech will focus on how public-private partnerships like that between the FBI and InfraGard are protecting America's technology infrastructure. The conference, jointly sponsored by the InfraGard National Members Alliance and the FBI, will be held Aug. 9-11, 2005, in Washington D.C.

"For nearly 10 years, InfraGard has been devoted to providing government and law enforcement agencies with subject matter experts, assisting in protecting us all from the dangers that threaten the very fabric of our Nation," said FBI Assistant Director Louis Reigel. "Director Mueller's participation in the InfraGard 2005 National Conference is proof positive of the significant role InfraGard has played in National security. Furthermore, thanks in large part to InfraGard's vision and dedication, law enforcement agencies across local, state and Federal levels actively are and will continue to work together to secure the United States from threats to its critical infrastructure."

In addition to Director Mueller's keynote, at the InfraGard 2005 National Conference there also will be tracks and technical sessions dedicated to the following topics: Drinking Water Security; Maritime and Port Vulnerabilities and Security; Computer Forensics; Cyber Security; First Responders; Financial Institution Security; Regulatory Compliance; and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems.

"The FBI's commitment to the InfraGard program has successfully engaged subject matter experts in all 50 states across all critical infrastructure sectors to build trusted relationships with Federal, state and local law enforcement and government," said Dr. Phyllis Schneck, chairman of the Board of Directors, InfraGard National Members Alliance. "The InfraGard membership is proud to welcome Director Mueller to our National Conference, and we look forward to a continued relationship with the FBI as we grow the InfraGard membership to serve as the primary liaison between private sector and all areas of government and law enforcement. InfraGard is making history."

The InfraGard 2005 National Conference is online at www.infragardconferences.com.