SALTO introduces Clay- Wireless, cloud-based access control for SMEs

April 14, 2015
Cloud-based access control solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) introduced at ISC West 2015

SALTO Systems is introducing Clay, their new wireless, cloud-based access control solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at this year’s ISC West 2015. Clay by SALTO was introduced to EMEA and APAC markets in 2013, and is now available in the U.S. market.

Until now, many SME's have been unable to take advantage of top access control technology largely due to the cost and complexity of those systems. Clay by SALTO combines an easy to use web application and mobile app for access management, with high quality and designer hardware that is quick to install, at less than 7o percent of the cost.

Clay by SALTO replaces a standard lock and mechanical key with a ClayTag, a SALTO Systems’ wireless lock, and a ClayIQ that communicates wirelessly with the lock and the cloud. Clay by SALTO users are able to create, manage and monitor access activity in real-time, with features like access groups, block users, office mode, and remote opening, available with a simple annual subscription for unlimited doors and user support.

“SALTO has grown to be the market leader in a world-class access control system that is simple to use and extremely efficient,” says Jennifer Stack, Vice President Marketing SALTO Systems. “Clay by SALTO gives SME users the ability to control their businesses remotely and manage in real-time via any smartphone, providing security that is both flexible and future-proof.”