New product category targets untapped market

Feb. 1, 2012
S2 releases new series of web-based security management systems

S2 Security Corp., Framingham, Mass., introduced a new Web-based total security management system platform to its line today, designed for dealers and installers to position to small and mid-sized businesses and high-end residential applications.

The new category—called the VR series, currently consists of the Pronto VR and NetBox VR and fully integrates video capabilities with S2’s access control and monitoring software in a single network appliance similar to an NVR. Completely Web-browser-based, the series are designed to be easy to install, configure and use and can be deployed and operated from any location around the world. Metadata shared from S2’s access control and monitoring subsystems enables forensic capabilities that make finding, reviewing and mining event-related video quick and intuitive.

Ready to ship, Pronto VR systems are available from S2 and its distributors and the NetBox VR is available from S2 to its certified integrator channel.

“The hallmarks of the new product series are ease of use and installation and the delivery of high quality video images via the Web,” said John Moss, chief executive officer of S2 Security. Moss said the form factor is similar to an NVR and takes no more effort to set up—about five minutes or less.

“Now it’s easy for the security dealer to leverage a converged access control and video management solution for their customers,” he said. Moss said currently 30 days of storage is built into the product or it can be used with iSCSI storage area networks, but cloud storage will be in the offing for the product series in the future, as well as integration with hybrid camera deployments.

“Our next version will address hybrid surveillance solutions that consist of IP and analog cameras,” Moss said. “No manufacturer has been able to bring together this type of integrated video and access control offering. We’re excited to release this to market. It will be a higher value sale with higher margins for the dealer,” he said.

The VR Series is unique in giving users advanced surveillance and sophisticated video search, without sacrificing usability. Features include:

  • Web interface provides complete access to and control over video surveillance–from any location
  • New surveillance capabilities enable immediate retrieval of video from the activity log, camera positioning from the landing page and bandwidth control in real time
  • Forensic desktop feature integrates transaction history with recorded video and also allows users to review hours of video in seconds by compressing time in replays
  • Users can search for video in a variety of ways, including by time, person, event or camera location
  • Forensic Case Library allows users to save, export and share video evidence
  • Advanced software supports frame rates typically seen only in installed-client applications
  • No per-camera licensing fees