Access Control & Identity: 1 to 4 Doors

May 10, 2013
Smaller specifications for access control on the rise

One to four door customers remain the largest segment of buyers in the access control market. Some integrators actively promote to these prospects; others pass on this market, feeling it is too small. As Indiana’s largest contract hardware, door and architectural specialties supplier with four offices, we feel that this is a great market for integrators and will provide quite a bit of opportunity for new installations now and in the future.

Central Indiana Hardware is in a unique position as we provide a total opening solution to all of our access control customers. The one to four door access control market is growing substantially and we predict an increase of 30 to 40 percent in 2013. This trend is favorable to us because we can get these systems installed in a quick and efficient manner and still provide the customer with a very good security application.

This particular market is one where the end user is looking for affordability, ease of use and reliability. They need entry level software with the capability to be expanded as the customer grows also works well for them. In many cases, we have found that the ability to get wire to an opening that is desired by the customer is not always feasible. In those cases, the implementation of Schlage wireless access control technology is very useful.

It’s easy to find customers as the one to four door market is wide open. Prime candidates are office building property managers that need to control one or two main entrances, K-12 school systems that have the need to add access control but are limited on start up funding, churches and the banking industry.

Affordable and expandable solution spec

The best way to help these users is by providing them with an affordable, yet expandable, solution. Many customers in this market will want to eventually add more openings to their systems. Providing a basic open architecture software system that can be upgraded to include additional card readers, biometrics, wireless technologies, badging and other open architecture products and features ensures that the customer has future value in his product. It’s important that integrators keep in mind the capabilities of the access control solution that they are proposing. They should be sure to provide a solution that can be upgraded to include those automations.

It is important to the customer that their integrator has a solution to meet their immediate needs while considering their future needs. That’s why we ensure that we have a direct relationship with the manufacturer of the product we propose and the capability of providing both mechanical and technical support to our customer with their support.

Don’t miss out on an important and growing market for one to four doors of access control. It’s where there’s opportunity now and in the future and done well, will certainly be your place for strong referrals.