Besam introduces access control revolving door systems

Nov. 4, 2008
Door solutions meet a variety of security demands

Monroe, NC – October 31, 2008 – Besam Entrance Solutions, the global leader in automatic door technology, has automatic access control revolving door systems that are the solution to a variety of your security demands. Whatever your access control needs may be, Besam has the solution. The door is designed to allow authorized persons to pass, while preventing unauthorized individuals access. This means that the door functions perfectly as a supervised main entrance, a staff entrance or as an entrance to a restricted area...without the need for costly security personnel located directly at the entrance. As security concerns grow, access control allows you to restrict entry to your building, provides added reassurance to those inside, and secures your sensitive material.

Besam offers revolving door systems with one-way access control (RD4A-1) in 3- or 4-wing models and two-way access control model (RD4A-2) in a 4-wing model. The doors can be ordered in several different configurations to be tailored to your needs. Rail and panel options can be selected to produce varying degrees of interior privacy. The doors are designed to be placed and fixed directly onto the finished floor surface — no special foundations or floor prepartions are required.

The door range combines safety with security and functionality. The rotating section is force sensitive. This means that if something prevents the door leaves from rotating, the rotation will stop for a brief period before starting again. The control system was developed by Besam specifically for use with its products, and the result is a fully integrated entrance solution with no compromise in design or functionality. The system ensures low operating/maintenance cost, superior safety and the best in security.

For more information regarding the Access Control Revolver, contact Besam at or call 1-866-BESAM-US.