Access control and badging solutions From IDenticard

April 2, 2008
Open the door for continued growth

Las Vegas, NV (April 2, 2008) – With a comprehensive line-up of integrated hardware and software solutions for biometric security identification and access control on display at this week's ISC West, it's easy to see how IDenticard provides real advantages when implementing or upgrading physical security operations. Whether it's custom-printed and security enhanced ID cards, flexible ID badge software, integrated access control systems or smart cards and biometric readers, IDenticard offers a wide range of choices that meet almost every application and need for physical security identification.

“We listen to what our customers really need and developed our product portfolio to offer them a wide range of choices in identification, access control and ID badging products,” said Tom Tulli, Manager, Marketing Services, IDenticard Systems. “Our diversified product suite gives us the ability to support an extensive range of applications and markets which stimulates new growth opportunities for IDenticard and its partner network.”

IDenticard is featuring the following products at ISC West 2008:

PremiSys – T he only access control system that features the custom badge-making capabilities of IDenticard's popular expressionsID. Designed by IDenticard's experienced team of security technicians, PremiSys offers a host of advanced features including antipassback, dynamic mapping and ADA compliance.

expressionsID – Innovative ID badging solution that lets customers create professional badges with a distinctive look. Like all IDenticard software, expressionsID is designed for ease of use and is backed by a comprehensive range of product training and support services.

OmniLife – These ID cards combine the security and durability of laminated cards, the precision color quality of litho-printing, and the convenience of PVC printer personalization. The result is a long-lasting, enhanced security ID card that is far less likely to crack, chip, warp, or fade compared to traditional PVC cards. Additionally, the unique security marks embedded beneath the protective laminate make OmniLife ID cards virtually impossible to copy or alter without easy detection.

Also on display is IDentiSMART, a patented, revolutionary smart card utilizing MIFARE ® technology, and IDentiTouch, a specialized ink that is visible below 90° F, turns clear above 90° F and does not require any special viewing devices or equipment.

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About IDenticard:

IDenticard is a market leader in personal identification, access control and consumable identification badges. Known as an innovator in security card technology, its products include identification card systems that combine biometrics, digital imaging and other technologies to positively identify people and prevent identification card counterfeiting; and access control systems that restrict entry into buildings using multiple card-reader technologies. IDenticard offers a wide range of choices in custom-printed security ID cards that include special applications designed to protect against unauthorized alteration or copying.