Videx CyberLocks Designed to Provide Accountability

June 21, 2007
Physical security key control provided by CyberLock Padlocks

CORVALLIS, OREGON, June 18, 2007— Videx, Inc. (, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of access control products, continues to safeguard physical assets with its CyberLock technology that brings key control and an audit trail of every opening to padlocks. Tough, intelligent, and built with stainless steel components, the unique design of these electronic padlocks allows them to perform extremely well in the harshest outdoor environments.

Andy Hilverda, Vice President of Videx, says, "Understanding who has access rights and when they exercise those rights is essential to businesses and governments, including telecommunications providers, municipalities, airport facilities, utilities, logistic organizations, and academic institutions. With CyberLock, companies can achieve physical security, controlled access, accountability, and, most importantly, key control."

The CyberLock system consists of the electronic padlock that cannot be compromised by any conventional lock-picking methods, and the CyberKey that cannot be duplicated. As with all CyberLocks, you can restrict access for authorized users to selected locks on specific days, and only during certain times on those days. Each time the CyberKey opens a padlock, a record of the event is stored in both the padlock and key, providing a comprehensive audit trail of activity.

The CyberLock family of electronic padlocks is constantly growing and includes a line of standard solid-body brass padlocks with stainless steel components. Two new additions are the Hockey Puck and Bar Bell. The Hockey Puck, with a stainless steel body and anti-drilling features built into its core, is highly resistant to violent force. When in the closed position, its buried shackle prevents attacks from bolt-cutters.

The Bar Bell padlock has a stainless steel core and locking post. Environmentally sealed with o-rings to prevent water and dirt from reaching its inner core, which is ideal for applications such as sealing underground utility vaults. In addition to electronic padlocks, Videx offers a full line of electronic cylinders that install in lock hardware on doors and cabinets.