Kouba & Associates Releases Mantrap System

Nov. 6, 2007
Interlocking door control system designed to integrate with any electronic access control system

Kouba & Associates, Inc. has introducted the MT-LDA series basic mantrap system. The Basic Interlocking Door Control System (MT-LDA) will integrate with any electronic access control system including older or legacy control systems.

The MT-LDA monitors 2 door position switches, and 2 request to unlock signals from the access control system to control and annunciate the status of 2 interlocking doors. Only one door may be unlocked or open at the same time. The mantrap will not unlock a door if the other door is open, or if an alarm condition exists. The interlock alarm relay opens if both doors are open at the same time.

Lock output relays control the locks, display plates with a local audible alarm indicate system status to the persons using the system, and alarm relays communicate system status to the security control center. The Warning Alarm feature reduces nuisance alarms by sounding a local alarm a few seconds before a Door Held Alarm.

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