Fargo Lands Four New Patents for Identity Card Printing

June 12, 2007
New patent approvals protect card and ribbon technologies

Minneapolis, MN (June 12, 2007) Fargo Electronics, Inc., a global leader in secure technologies for card identity systems, today announced that it has received four patent grants in the United States that enhance its extensive patent portfolio. The company received United States Patent #7,018,117 entitled Identification Card Printer Ribbon Cartridge; #6,945,524 entitled Card Singularization Gate; #6,932,527 entitled Card Cartridge; and #7,037,013 entitled Ink Receptive Card Substrate. “These patents recognize features that make it easier for our customers to use our printers,” said Gary Klinefelter, Fargo’s vice president of technology. “Smart features like RFID ribbon identification ensure that our printers and materials work together reliably.”

The ‘117 patent covers the identification of Fargo’s pre-loaded ribbon cartridge to the DTC400 and C30 card printer/encoders. This innovation uses RFID technology to associate the ribbon cartridge and its contents with the card printer, helping users avoid errors resulting from loading the wrong ribbon. The cartridge further identifies how many images remain on the ribbon, helping users avoid running out of critical supplies during high-volume printing runs. The patent also covers a compact design with an integrated cleaning roller to enhance reliability.

The ‘524, ‘527 and ‘013 patents relate to Fargo’s CardJet technology, specifically in regard to card feeding, card cartridge shape and functionality, and card substrate. Many of these innovations have provided expertise to enhance the designs of Fargo’s Direct-To-Card and High Definition Printing products as well.

Fargo’s patent portfolio now includes more than 65 U.S. patents issued and more than 80 patents in the application process.