IndigoVision Integrates Access and Video for Qatar Airport

May 31, 2007
Doha International gets over 600 cameras and 200 access control points

IP Video security systems manufacturer IndigoVision has completed an integrated system at Doha International Airport (DIA) in Qatar consisting of over 600 cameras and 200 Access Control points.

In addition to the 'GE Secure Perfect' Access Control solution used at DIA, IndigoVision's IP-Video system provides interfaces to 'Cardax' and 'Lenel OnGuard’ systems, with ‘Software House’ in development. IndigoVision also freely supplies an Integration Kit to allow third party development of Access Control interfaces. This dual approach is an open-platform solution, ensuring an integrated system can be supplied to cover the majority of Access Control applications around the world.

'Control Center', IndigoVision's management software, is the ideal place to consolidate alarms from an integrated IP-Security system as CCTV is the application most monitored by security staff. Not only can ‘Control Center’ interface to Access Control alarms but to inruder security, plant and building management alarms also. IndigoVision manufactures an IP-Alarm panel unit that allows hardwired I/O to be interfaced onto the IP network - completing one of the most comprehensive IP-Security solutions currently available.

Installed by IndigoVision's local partner Capital Technology WLL, the open-architecture solution at DIA is fully integrated across the airport's LAN using ‘Control Center’ management software. 'Control Center' allows operators to monitor live video feeds and recorded footage from the Network Video Recorders (NVR) as well as status information and alarms from the Access Control system. The tight integration of the Access Control and video management in 'Control Center' allows the virtual matrix to be driven by alarm events, e.g. a salvo of cameras can be displayed when an alarm is raised from a given access point. Events within ‘Control Center’ are generated and logged for card swipes, illegal access and tamper detect.

"In our technical evaluation IndigoVision’s system scored 87%, well ahead of the other systems tested,” said Sourav Sinha, Head of IT Department at Qatar Airways, the managing authority for DIA. “We were particularly impressed with IndigoVision’s ability to deliver very high quality video with minimal bandwidth, its integration with the Access Control and alarm systems and the powerful features of the video management software."

The IP-security project at DIA follows on from a number of other successful IndigoVision installations where CCTV and Access Control have been integrated across an IP Network. For example, Milford Haven LNG plant at South Hook in Wales has 200 cameras and 50 access points protecting a high-voltage perimeter fence, with Access Control alarms enabling the appropriate camera to pan-and-tilt towards the intrusion point.

Recent high profile IndigoVision projects in the Rail sector (Vancouver Skytrain, 880 cameras and Canada Line, 400 cameras), plus various prisons around the world have also included extensive integration, demonstrating that IndigoVision’s complete end-to-end IP Video system is leading the way in integrated IP security solutions.