CyberLock Brings Key Control and an Audit Trail to Telecom Sites

May 29, 2007
Electronic lock cylinder key control system eliminates worries about key duplication and uncontrolled access

CORVALLIS, OREGON, May 25, 2007— CyberLock brings key control and an audit trail to isolated cell tower sites and “telecom hotels,” such as rooftop antenna-site equipment rooms. CyberLock electronic cylinders convert existing mechanical lock hardware into full-functioning access control systems. Each CyberLock electronic cylinder is designed to the exact dimensional standards of the mechanical cylinder it is replacing. Installation requires no hardwiring or structural changes. The CyberLock family includes electronic padlocks, and a full line of electronic cylinders for all types of door and cabinet lock hardware.

Manufactured by Videx, Inc., CyberLock is ideal for companies that need to grant access to service technicians and track their activity out in the field. CyberLock cylinders are pick-proof and the electronic CyberKeys cannot be duplicated. Both the lock and the key record events so management can track service technicians and subcontractors that visit their sites.

Andy Hilverda, Vice President of Videx, says, “With the CyberLock system, an administrator has the ability to set access schedules in each technician’s key and view the audit trail of activity from individual, or all keys at various sites in their region…all from one central office location.” A key can be programmed to allow a user to open selected locks on specific days, and only during certain hours on those days. Keys can also be set with a date to begin operation, as well as a date to stop working.

Videx offers different levels for managing the CyberLock system. For companies that need a high level of security and key control, CyberAudit Professional is a Windows program that includes access scheduling and audit reports, along with features such as key expirations, report generation, and email notification of events. For large geographically widespread enterprises, feature-rich CyberAudit-Web Enterprise is packaged on a Linux-based server and accessed by using a web browser on a local network or the internet.