DMP Releases Card Plus PIN Software for XR500E Government Apps

Oct. 13, 2006
New version meets new government security protocols

Springfield, Missouri — Digital Monitoring Products, one of the few U.S. manufacturers of control panels made in the United States, announces the release of the XR500E Card Plus PIN Software Version 115 (9/26/06). The updated version now meets the DCID 6/9 and other National Security program requirement for duel ID authentication for Card Access.

When using the XR500E Card Plus PIN system, two code entries are required to operate the system. The first must be a code entered from a Wiegand interface device (card) using a reader such as the built-in reader on a DMP Keypad. An external reader may also be used. The second code (User Pin) is keyed in at the keypad or could be a second card. For a Card Plus PIN system, user codes (Card and a PIN) are typically administered using DMP System Link software. The Card Plus PIN option has been added to System Options panel programming just after Bypass Limit.

“Our new Card Plus PIN feature opens new markets to DMP government dealers. Facilities can now be accredited for SCI level security utilizing the Card Plus PIN System and their approved X-09 or Cipher lock. Government agencies and cleared government contractors will be able to enhance physical security through a more advanced level of ‘Security in Depth’,” said DMP Director of Market Development for Government Solutions, John Pass.

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