LEGIC Identsystems Extends Contactless Technology to Support FIPS Specs

Oct. 12, 2006
New technology meets FIPS 201 standard, reads inside contactless transponders and enhances battery powered door lock applications

October 10, 2006, Chicago, Ill. - LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, the leading supplier of secure, contactless smart card technologies for personal identification such as access control and cashless payment applications, announced that its contactless smart card technology supports the US government standard FIPS 201 for physical access control systems (PACS V2.2). FIPS 201 is a United States federal standard that specifies Personal Identity Verification requirements for federal employees and contractors.

"We are very pleased to announce that with the latest extension of our technology LEGIC supports FIPS 201. Federal customers can now easily comply with FIPS 201 using LEGIC readers that are available through LEGICÄ…s global partner network", explains Klaus U. Klosa, Managing Director of LEGIC Identsystems Ltd. Worldwide, over 200 partners offer compatible LEGIC all-in-one-card applications for access control, time & attendance, e-payment, parking, and e-ticketing.

Additional new features to LEGIC advant technology include the capability to read transponder based on the proprietary Inside Contactless protocol (ajar on ISO 15693). The card serial number (CSN) of e.g. HID iClass transponders now can be read allowing for easy migration from existing installations to advanced security systems based on LEGIC technology.

Further extensions to LEGIC advantÄ…s technology is the new, ultimate wake-up feature for battery powered off-line door locks. Integrating wired office or hotel door locks require costly cabling and complex modifications. Currently available battery powered stand alone alternatives often require mechanical switches or infrared sensors to avoid the battery consuming polling for a present credential. These solution can be costly and unreliable due to solar irradiation and other factors.

By using LEGIC advantÄ…s new power saving wake-up functionality door locks can be activated directly by the credential. This enables an enormous increase of the battery lifetime up to 200 times compared the conventionally polling systems while enhancing user comfort and savings in component and development cost. The latest features are also available as Software-Upgrade for LEGIC advant existing systems.

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, with headquarters in Switzerland, is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology. The LEGIC product portfolio includes highly integrated LEGIC RF Standard, ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 compliant read/write chip sets, security modules and transponder chips. LEGIC Identsystems currently works with over 200 external partners world-wide who offer compatible LEGIC all-in-one-card applications including access control, e-payment, parking, e-ticketing and other multi-applications. More than 1 million readers and over 70 million credentials are successfully integrated in more than 50,000 work and leisure facilities worldwide.